SpamAssassin, CRM114, Brightmail

I’m chasing my tail spamwise. SpamAssassin kinda works but at a conservative setting (I have it at ‘8’) it doesn’t block enough spam to make it worth me having to scan two spam folders, one for Cloudmark and one for SpamAssassin. I’d love to try CRM114 but even if I got it going well, it has to live on a Unix box, which makes it a slight pain for me (having succumbed to the succor of Windows). But if any friend of mine wants to set up CRM114 and let me filter my mail through them, I’d shower them with gifts and Jean Nate after-bath splash. Do you remember those commercials? I do. Oh yeah…

So, I’m going to try and push all my mail through my account. It occurs to me that they run Brightmail. We’ll see how that goes. But just to be pesky, optonline just put up notices saying that their spam-buckets won’t be available for some unspecified amount of time. That means that mail counted as spam gets immediately deleted. Hurumph. that’s no way for me to do a test! I’ll wait.

Oh and it’s cool to note that CRM114 is built by a friend of mine. Hi Crash!

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