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Spam Karma stopped my first comment spam(s)

I knew it wouldn’t be long…. After the cut is an email from Spam Karma telling me about how it nixed 10 comment spams. I’m glad it succeeded but I’m still quite worried about this issue. I’ve found several comment spam stoppers, including the one I was most looking for, where only people with accounts […]

Installed Spam Karma

I installed Spam Karma and tested it a bit. Let’s hope it keeps the wolves at bay. 2-7-05 update. It works really well. So far 80 spams automatically blocked and 16 comments automatically let through. Batting 1000 so far. 2-12-05 update. You can find really good Spam Karma documentation Notably: Realtime Blacklist URL All Spam […]

Spam Stopper Idea

Run potential spams through a grammar checker…. like MS Word’s grammar checker. That will surely differentiate the gibberish spammers insert into their emails from legitimate emails that use real sentences. It might be computationally expensive but not THAT expensive…

Anti-Spam Haiku I still don’t totally understand how this company uses the power of haiku to defeat spammers. But I think I like it. I think it works thusly: – If you promise not to spam people and sign up with them, you get 8 points subtracted from your SpamAssassin score when you use the Habeas […]

SpamAssassin, CRM114, Brightmail

I’m chasing my tail spamwise. SpamAssassin kinda works but at a conservative setting (I have it at ‘8’) it doesn’t block enough spam to make it worth me having to scan two spam folders, one for Cloudmark and one for SpamAssassin. I’d love to try CRM114 but even if I got it going well, it […]

More About Cloudmark Spamnet

Spamnet isn’t perfect. It correctly blocks about 40 spams a day of mine. But it also incorrectly blocks about 1 non-spam per day. That’s a big pain because it means I have to sift through my spam list every week or so looking for mistakes. I’m going to try using dual filtering. I’ll set my […]

Spam 450 million years in the future

PPG showed this to me. From :The New York Times Gallery Show Seeks the Art in Spam, Seen Through the Eyes of the Future January 26, 2004 By SAUL HANSELL The discordant verse, in simple black letters on white paper, is in keeping with the basement alternative art gallery in which it hangs: ———————————————- victorious […]

A Customer Support Letter to Spamnet

I wrote this to Spamnet today. I still think their service is excellent. It could just be a little better. I get about 3 false positives per week, mostly from mass mailers from companies I want to receive mail from (IE. Coldwater Creek,, Avantgo, NikonNet). I suspect that these false positives come from other […]

I Love SpamNet

I wrote this email and sent it to a bunch of friends today: Subject: From Lee Sonko: a spam stopper that works If you follow my online journal, you know that I’m nutty for killing spam. Well, over the last couple weeks, I’ve been using a new spam stopping software that I saw mentioned on […]

Lautenberg against spam

My senator wrote back to me today (via email) about how he’s co-sponsoring federal anti-spam legislation: Dear Mr. Sonko, Thank you for contacting me about spam. I appreciate hearing from you on this issue. The growth of the Internet and the increased use of e-mail have led to the emergence of “spam,” or electronic junk […]