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The War on Comment Spam

I just gave another donation to Dr. Dave in the fight against comment spam. spam

I’ve been on for a couple months. In that time, I’ve gotten 3 spams. I don’t even know what they are trying to sell me, but they sure bother me. Here’s today’s spam from “markinazaokk” on Hello! My name – Ekaterina, me 28 years. I loved your structure on site Match, and I […]

Next generation comment spam

The state of comment spam is always evolving. Welcome to the next generation. I’ve now gotten 2 comment spams like the following: Comment on Star Wars post URI: http://www.bon[no referal for you!] Comment: Great trailer great film. Many thanks Lee. (I added the [..] bit) This spam was obviously written by a human. I’m guessing […]

I Love Nigerian Bank Spam

It’s true. I love Nigerian bank spam. It harkens back to a simpler time, when spammers put care and attention into their emails. Back then, you would hardly ever see a tawdry misspelled penis pill spam or one of those overwrought image-only foreclosure spams. Nigerian Bank spam writers would build exquisite bundles of lies that […]

118 Comment Spams in a week

You know that my blog must be getting popular… I got 118 comment spams last week. Thank goodness for Spam Karma and Bad Behavior. Not a single spam got through. I don’t know how much e-mail spam I get these days, Spamassassin takes care of most of it while Cloudmark Desktop takes care of about […]

Upgraded to Spam Karma 2.0

Spam Karma 1 beta 2 has been very good to me, only letting through a couple false negatives and almost no false positives. But it’s good to be pro-active about comment spam. Spam Karma works. I just installed Spam Karma 2. First impression: The new Spam Karma has a lot of knobs and buttons! This […] comment spam

Update 12-9-05. See comment #5, below I had an exchange with recently about comment spam they appeared to be writing. Here is the last letter I wrote to Andy Newlin, Online Marketing Manager at To paraphrase our conversation: I said: Your company is posting comment spam, which I don’t think is very endearing. […]

Google losing to web spammers

Recently, my google search results have been more and more diluted with web spam. :-( To the tune of “Kill da wabbit”, “Kill the spammers, Kill the spammers, Kill the spammers!”

Russian spammer murdered

Russian spammer murdered John Leyden, The Register 2005-07-26 Notorious Russian spammer Vardan Kushnir was found bludgeoned to death in his Moscow apartment on Sunday. He was killed by repeated blows to the head, Russian news agency Interfax reports…

Spamming with Kapikachchhu

I clicked on one of those stupid SPUR-M spam emails. The ingredients are claimed to be: Each tablet contains: Salabmisri 130mg, Kokilaksha 64mg, Vanya Kahu 32mg, Kapikachchhu 32mg, Suvarnavang 32mg Extracts: Vriddadaru 64mg, Gokshura 64mg, Jeevanti 64mg, Shaileyam 32mg Since I had never heard of these ingredients, I googled for them. I was suprised (and […]