I use a program to back up my computer online. It’s really good, it has saved me and Megan a couple times. Would you like to trade backup space? You backup your computer to me to me for free, I backup my computer to you for free. Message me.

Home security system that doesn’t suck

Can anyone recommend a modern, inexpensive home security system that doesn’t suck?
I’ve reviewed so many and am tired of wading through the hype only to discover a string of terrible reviews. Shouldn’t this be as simple as hooking an Amazon Alexa up to an IR camera and adding some code to make something awesome?

Today is a Good Day

Today is a Good Day.

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Codornices Creek

Codornices Creek / Quail Creek runs just behind our house. You saw Abigail playing on its banks a little while back. The beginning of the creek is way up the hill at a the beautiful Codornices Park. The creek also feeds through the Berkeley Rose Garden which is a treasure. So here is a bit more about the creek. I saw this sign on the Ohlone Greenway:

Bye For Now, Fiona The Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree, Fiona is on her way back to Mount Shasta to spend the summer with the other Christmas trees. In the fall, they will bring her back to spend a month or so in our home (yes, really). Patrick the owner says she might grow a foot over the summer. In the photo, that’s Patrick, the owner of on the left.

We really enjoyed fostering our tree for the season and will definitely do it again next year.


I just left my eye doctor, getting my monthly treatment. I asked and he confirmed that if I had gotten this disorder just 15 years ago, the prognosis would have been fair to poor. It is now very treatable and I get to keep vision in both eyes. Hurray science!!