And Booster Makes 3

And booster makes 3! Suck it, COVID!

When I go back to work on Monday with all my unvaccinated, unmasked kids, I’ll still be wearing an N95 and using hand sanitizer like a lumberjack uses plaid, but I’ll have one extra layer of protection against what is increasingly being known as the stupid plague. 

Fleet Week

It’s Fleet Week again. I don’t like fleet week. This is pretty much what runs through my mind whenever I hear those jets.


Thanks to JWZ and.. oh dear, I don’t know who made the comic.

Black Star Pirate BBQ

We went to Black Star Pirate BBQ at Point San Pablo Harbor and had a really fun, novel time! It’s in such a curious, otherworld part of the east bay! It’s easy to confuse the 10 minute drive from the Richmond Bridge with a 4 hour drive to the mountains. The BBQ was good, the ambiance completely awesome, and the nearby art a joy! Highly recommended! We sat down to eat at 5, by 5:30 the line to get in was very long! The live music started at about 6 :-)
Note, they’re only open Friday-Sunday!

Comments to Google Keep Notes. And then Workflowy

Here’s my feedback letter to Google Keep Notes

Right now, labels in Google Keep Notes are minimally useful. One tweak would change that dramatically!

On the main Keep Notes screen, I’d like to see only unlabeled notes. Maybe make an option in settings: see all notes by default / see only unlabeled notes by default. Or make a button in the interface at the top of the list of labels titled “Unlabelled”.

This option would make labels much more useful!! As it is now, I can’t both use labels and feel free to make a quick unlabeled note, for fear that I will accidentally lose a note in my giant pile of unsorted notes. So I just don’t use labels at all, which is a shame!

To describe it more completely, I’d like my workflow to be:
– make a quick, unlabelled note whenever the notion strikes
– later, either just complete the task or choose to label the note with a tags such as: urgent, work, personal, Big Project, etc.
– when my unlabeled pile is empty, I can move on!
-when considering my “Big Project”, I know I can find the note either in “unlabeled” or “Big Project” and it won’t be lost among the hundreds of other unlabeled notes!

Thanks very much for making Keep Notes!
Best regards,
Lee Sonko

And my follow-up letter

Nevermind. I see the bug has been outstanding for 5 years. I’m trying Workflowy now.

Camping / Hiking Resources that I’ll never get to use

If anyone is in need of personal pro-vax stories, every day posts a few real, personal, current, tragic tales of real anti-vaxxers that died from COVID, leaving gaping holes in their families and communities.
Please get the COVID vaccine.


When I was a kid in deep suburban New Jersey, there were summer nights where the front yard shimmered and glowed and shifted with thousands of moats of light created by fireflies! It was pure magic!

I haven’t seen such a spectacle since the 1980s. Where have they gone? I’ve read reports that firefly populations are way down.

My question to you: have you seen fireflies in the past few years? Where?

No More Outgoing Email Spam Problems

Ok, I think I finally fixed it.

Since 2017, I’ve been having outgoing email spam problems. At one point, I’m sorry to say, malicious actors were sending 50,000 emails per day from I’ve been wrestling with the tools that stop stuff like that from happening. How did I finally fix it? Until last month, my email was hosted at and it forwarded to my free Gmail account. Now, it goes straight to a ($6/month) Google Workspace account.

I’ve only moved email over, not all the other google services but so far the move is successful.


  • I can send email and expect people to get it!
  • My spam folder is now seeing 10 spams/day instead of 100. I guess the paid account is smarter. Not having to wade through that crap monthly for the inevitable non-spam is well worth $6/month!


  • I’m now 1/2 in Gmail and 1/2 in Google Workspace and fixing that will take some more effort
  • Right now I’m keeping my contacts in Gmail (for my phone and Google Voice) and a not-often-updated copy in Google Workspace (for my email) :-(
  • Switching Calendar will be a bother since I’ve got like 20 shared calendars and fiddly defaults to set up.
  • Switching to Google Workspace Google Voice will be $10/month which I’m hesitant to do since it’s free right now
  • Migrating my 30k emails took 3 days and a learning curve but it’s done!
  • I’ll have to migrate my beloved Boomerang for Gmail manually
  • Setting up DKIM for my email wasn’t hard per se but took some thinking and clicking



Some tools to test the spamminess of your domain:


Burning Man is not happening RIGHT NOW!

Burning Man is not happening this year. You can watch it not happen, live, right now! Rewind the livestream to about sunrise this morning to see a dance party. I’m most enamored of the tricycle with the 40′ tall illuminated tower on it!

Autistry Studios in Marin is Hiring

My friend Janet Lawson is hiring… you? Her Autistry Studios in Marin promotes growth and independence for autistic students and others. She’s got an amazing maker space along with a set of fantastic volunteers and workers. Want to join their intersection of ASD therapy, productive work, and art? Not sure if it’s right for you, ping me or them.