Learning and Teaching 3D Printing

My friends in the Kinetics Department at the Crucible are interested in learning 3D printing and then teaching it back to the whole building, running classes, the whole nine yards. Can you recommend learning opportunities for them? Would you like to join and help them be awesome? Write to me.

They have an Autodesk Ember 3D printer just sitting there waiting to become a tool of awesomness.



Diving In!

I am diving in to my final occupational therapy fieldwork on Monday! So I’ll be rather incommunicado for three months, until the middle of June. It’s at a nearby public school system, which is fantastic, my passion has been pointing me toward pediatric OT for a while.

During this time, life will be very busy for myself, Megan and Abigail. If you can help reduce Megan’s stress (or mine) in any way, our whole family would appreciate it!

Listen to Marketplace

Considering presidential politics? Listen to NPR’s Marketplace!

Hint: destabilizing factors are looked upon with suspicion on the world stage.

A Great Valentines Day, Hand to God

Megan and I had a really fun Valentines Day. Emmy came over to watch Abigail for our outing. Abigail shrieked with delight when she was at the door and demanded, DEMANDED that Emily come into her bed room. It was awesome. Went out to Kiru Sushi near home for a spectacular dinner and then off to see Hand to God at the Berkeley Rep Theatre.


Best moments in the show:

Bad puppet Tyrone and Carolina’s bad puppet doing nasty sex positions while their “owners” sit a hand’s distance away, quietly and entirely embarrassed for what they have to endure.

Jason/Tyrone goes full crazy on Tim and the way we are sitting in the theatre, we have Tim’s view and Tyrone is completely intimidating!

Spring Fieldwork, Hurray!

I am very relieved and excited to say that I have a fieldwork position for the spring semester at a local public school district. It will start in early March. The next 3 months will have me being very busy learning my craft, if I’m not calling you back, you know why.  After that, I’ll study for the licensing test for 6 weeks and (hopefully!) be a licensed occupational therapist!

I Fixed It

I’ve been thinking about a new phone because my battery isn’t holding a charge as well as it used to. When I found out that a new battery cost $5, I couldn’t, in good conscience, spend $450 on a new phone!

I was nervous about tearing my phone apart but it went exactly the way the video from IFixIt.com and Gwendolyn Gay said. Mad props to them for making great tools and a great video that walked me through it. I also replaced the headphone jack that was filled with pocket lint.

Total cost: $5 battery, $8 headphone jack, $40 kit, 1.5 hours of my time.


PS. Midway through the repair, I had the patient lying on the kitchen table with all the screws and wires out. I thought “there is the money shot. Take a picture!” Then I remembered that I was looking down at my camera in 20 pieces.