What Do People Do All Day

Abigail has requested to read What Do People Do All Day MOST NIGHTS for the past YEAR and FOUR MONTHS! And I STILL discover details and in-jokes in the book on a regular basis. If you get your 2-8 year-old just ONE BOOK this year, make it Richard Scarry’s What Do People Do All Day.

Lunch at Cal Academy: 1 star

The California Academy of Sciences is a wonderful, magical place, just don’t buy your lunch there. Bring it instead.

I went with Megan and Abigail a few weekends ago. Ordering food is very chaotic, the food is very expensive but not tasty. A 1/2 pint of milk and a somehow banana cost $6. I think we spent $42 and left hungry. The dining room is loud, and jam packed (granted, it was a Saturday at noon) with poor, weird lighting. Bland tuna fish sandwich. Bland chili. Seeing the broken feedback machine really got my goat.


Last night I didn’t wear my CPAP for 1/2 the night and I’m wrecked. Reminds me of how much it helps. If you snore and don’t have the energy you want to have, look into getting one of these CPAP life-superchargers!

A Simple Joy: Inbox 0

A Simple Joy: Inbox 0!

Macro Lens Camera?

Do you have a camera with a good macro lens that I can borrow? I’d like to take some very close-up photos of some jewelry.

Let’s Go To California Extreme Together

Let’s go to California Extreme Together! It’s a classic arcade games show held in Santa Clara, CA every year. This year it’ll be on July 28 & 29. Hundreds of classic coin operated video games and pinball machines set to free play all day long!

I went a few years ago and playing these classic games is so tremendously nostalgic. A wonderful experience. Join me this year!

Check out the event: http://www.caextreme.org/