Help Me Find This Old Sci-Fi Movie

Can you help me find this very old movie that has been bouncing around my head for the last 40 years or so?

I remember a scene where a very classic artistically shaped rocket is flying around and it lands on a very stark, red ball-of-silly-putty looking planet. They think things are going to go well and someone gets out of the ship. But they realize the planet is actually alive and sucking the ship down into it’s gooey surface. They try to take off but it’s in vain. Other ships get sucked down into the multiple planets that are bounding around.

There’s lots of silver and red rockets flying around and … something … something… I don’t recall since I was only half-watching it and I was like 8 years old! It had a look like it was a scary sci-fi movie. From the appearance of the sets and the color textures, I’d guess the movie was made in 1965-1968 or so but I could be wrong.

I saw the movie on broadcast television at my neighbor Lisa’s house in the New York area sometime around 1975-1979. I’ve started looking at the old series that were on then: Creature Feature, Fright Night, Chiller Thriller

Ooo. Could it possibly be the 1961 Battle of the Worlds?! It aired on September 22nd 1979 on WOR-TV Channel 9! But it would be weird if I was over at my neighbor’s house on my birthday at 1 o’clock in the morning (the VCR hadn’t been invented yet!)… hmmm

I reviewed this terrific site with old horror movie series to no avail

I should also look here…

Do you remember this movie?

A Retirement Plan!

In August, I will start my second year as an OT as as a full time pediatric occupational therapist with West Contra Costa Unified School District!

I’ve been looking at the benefits package and OMG, there is a retirement plan. They’ll pay me money for just… being. Working in tech for so long, this is a completely foreign concept. And. I. Love. It!

Next Big Investment?

What do you think is the best growth stock?

I’ve managed my own stock portfolio for many years and I’ve done pretty well but my portfolio needs some new blood. Since I’ve been in grad school for 3 years, I didn’t think much about investing. What do you think about cannabis-based companies? Canada just legalized recreational cannabis (!!). Maybe I should add Canopy Growth Corp, a Canadian cannabis company to my portfolio. What do you think? What is your hot stock pick?

My current investments are: Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Tesla. Netflix has done VERY well for me over the years but I definitely need to diversify!

Stop This Poorly Written California Flamethrower Bill

Write your California Assemblyman to stop a bad flame effects bill from becoming law.

In brief: In response to Elon Musk selling a flame thrower (actually, not really, it’s more of a big propane torch), a California assemblyman wrote a bill to “stop all that nonsense”. But it doesn’t even do that. It just… well read my letter to my assemblymember! Then find your assemblymember at the link below, copy, paste, edit for yourself and send a letter! Personal grudges and headline grabbing are not valid reasons for enacting law!!!

Here is the text of the bill
AB-1949 Explosives: flamethrowing devices.(2017-2018)

Find your assemblyman and write to them!
or here:


To the Honorable Assembly Member Tony Thurmond, / To the Honorable Senator Nancy Skinner,

I would like to voice my opposition to AB-1949 “Explosives: Flamethrowing Devices”.

Flamethrowing device regulations exist to allow people to create safe flame devices for artistic and industrial purposes while limiting the potential danger to people due to poorly created or malicious purposes.

The existing laws and fire codes regarding flamethrowing devices are perfectly adequate and does their job well, being enforced by police and fire departments in the state.

AB-1949 aims to add a layer of complexity to how flamethrowing devices are regulated in the state of California. The purpose of the bill as explicitly stated by the author is to regulate how Elon Musk (Tesla, Space-X…) can market and sell his flame throwing devices. However, the actual text of the bill as originally written and as revised would not affect Mr. Musk’s operation except, literally, to add a one-part untrue, one-part redundant warning sticker to the devices he sells. (In the bill, Musk’s device is a “Tier II device”)

The other half of the bill (“Tier I flamethowing devices”) would make it much more difficult and expensive to create larger flame throwing devices without increasing safety in any way over the current laws and regulations.

We are already protected at the state level by Sections 12750, 12755, 12756, 12757, and 12761 of the Health and Safety Code. We are protected by fire codes NFPA-160 (National Fire Protection Association): Standard for Flame Effects Before an Audience, NFPA-58:LP gas code, and NFPA-54: National fuel gas code.

I have been teaching flame effects for 9 years at The Crucible in Oakland CA, a 501(c)(3) industrial arts education center. And I have an ongoing connection with flame effects experts in California, with the Nevada LP Gas Board, and the Burning Man organization.

I would be happy to answer any questions you have about this issue.

Thank you,
Lee Sonko OTR/L

Do you want another perspective? Here is a letter from Lucy Hosking to her assemblymember:

Dear Assemblyman Stone,

I am writing to urge you to withdraw your support for and fight against AB-1949.

This is a bad law, it was introduced as a vanity project, it actually fails to regulate the one device that provoked its creation. It will seriously harm the community of responsible Fire Art and Theatrical Flame Effect practitioners throughout the State.

The proposed law is redundant against long established codes, especially National Fire Prevention Association publication #160, “Flame Effects Before a Live Audience”, and in its wording, it appears to be unaware of the existence of these regulations.

All exhibitions and performances of this art are built and operated in strict accordance with NFPA-160, and are subject to the explicit inspection and approval of local Fire Marshals and CalFire personnel. These regulations are extensive and complete. Our safety record speaks for itself: in 20 years, I am unaware of any accident or incident where a person was injured or property was damaged by any practitioner or legitimate device.

The worst part of AB-1949 is that it attempts to conflate these theatrical and artistic devices with weapons of war. This indicates the complete failure of the authors to understand what they are regulating. As an active artist, I see the joy and wonder these things bring to society, especially to children.

I have worked, performed, and built effects in the Fire Art community for 20 years, and my work has a reputation for being some of the best in the field, so I can speak from experience in this. Mr. Santiago has no such experience and no such expertise and is not a reliable source of information on the subject.

Please contact me by email or telephone and I can answer any questions you may have.

Please come to the UnScruz event at Santa Cruz Co. Fairgrounds on May 4,5 & 6 to see it in real life. Bring your family, the kids will love it. I’ve put you on the guest list.

And please, vote this down!

Lucy Hosking

(Read my previous post “Megan’s Law Wouldn’t Have Saved Megan”).

Finishing My First Year As An Occupational Therapist

My first year as an occupational therapist was quite a ride!

Thank you John Swett Unified School District!

The view from my desk, a snapshot in time…



Don’t Buy Huel

I signed up for this meal replacement drink called Huel. In brief, it disagrees with my tummy just like LOTS of other people. I called them several times asking for help and got no response. I’m now in dispute resolution with Paypal. Don’t buy Huel. It might work for you but if it doesn’t, you’ll have to pull teeth to return it.

Try googling “huel farts” or “huel stomach ache”. Or don’t and just trust me that this is a problem.