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Golf GTI Ad Redux

I hadn’t looked into who the body actor behind that groovy Golf GTI ad was. It is David Bernal, AKA David Elsewhere. Normal physics does not apply to this person!

Watch some of his Youtubiness.

Eye Popping Optical Illusions

Don’t look at these. They’ll hurt your eyes.

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Today’s Thought: A person in uniform…

“A person in a uniform is merely an extension of another person’s will” – Philip Slater – according to RPG Motivational Slides

Yellow Pages Humor

Oops. This attorney has some unusual payment terms..

over 10,000 satisfied clients indeed!

Images and videos of Crude Awakening and 4BLEVE at Burning Man 2007

From Nate Smith to David Ellsworth to you:

Nate sent me a list of some good pictures and videos of Crude Awakening / BLEVE. If you have more, please send them to me and I will forward them to Nate.

– David
Mel Halbach’s color wide angle
black and white
Sunday morning
last years
Sunday morning1
Sunday morning 2
Sunday morning 3
animated stills
Great still
pre blast
good video
great dialog

local version:

local version:

local version:

local version:

We choose to go the moon within 5 years and do the other things

This is really exciting!

The Lunar X-Prize.

Fire Bloom #2 is on Ocean Beach

This is a part of the Ocean Beach Fire Pit Project

Hi there all my nearest and dearesteses…fb2onbeach.jpg For the past two and a half months many of you have not heard from me or seen me much. During this time Rebecca, the Fire Bloom crew and I have been bustin’ our butts to get Bloom #2 ready and onto the beach. We accomplished this with many, many hours of cutting, welding, patterning and grinding!
Now it’s time to play!
This Sunday, July 22nd 2007 (my little sister Amna’s birthday) around sunset, we will be celebrating not only Fire Bloom 2, but also Charlie’s beautiful Starfish! The location is Ocean Beach, between Lincoln and Fulton, across the street from the Beach Chalet. Please join us in the festivities. Bring something to drink or eat, wood to burn and your friends. It will be a lovely time burning, watching the sun set and making merry after a grueling two months of hard work! It has definitely paid off.
Thank you to everyone who supported us and helped make this happen. We look forward to seeing you out there!!
Yasi xoxoxooxo

Keeping America Safe From the World’s Most Dangerous Poi Spinner

Where to buy art supplies and Burning Man supplies: Part 2

Here’s a follow up to Where to buy art supplies and Burning Man supplies
Originally from The Jack Rabbit Speaks RESOURCE ISSUE #2 Volume 11, Issue #13 JULY 5, 2007.

Here are more resources for buying art and other supplies for Burning Man.

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Burning Man Article with Serpent Mother in Business 2.0

In the July 2007 (volume 8, Number 6) issue of Business 2.0 there is an interesting article about Burning Man. It’s cool that there is a photo of the Serpent Mother at the top of one of the pages.