Repair Your Prius MFD

The MFD (Multifunction Display) / computer screen in our 2008 Prius started misbehaving. It would show a black screen or a weird sort-of out-of-focus screen, or wacky light effects. Entertaining as it was, we had to fix it.
Our mechanic fixed it for $800 last year and it failed again. Since our mechanic had retired in the interim, we were on our own. I ended up buying one on eBay for $415 and installing it myself.


Make sure you buy the exact model number as a replacement. Mine is a 86110-47220. The model number is written on it. There are some upgrade-compatible units (look around on PriusChat) (for instance, the model 86110-47230 might have worked for me, but it’s easiest to just stick with what you know will work. I followed instructions from this video to remove it. It took me 30 minutes the first time, and I broke a plastic piece, 10 minutes the second time, 5 minutes the third time! I tried to use this MFD repair guy in Indiana for $300 but my MFD was already a refurbished unit and he couldn’t fix it. (yes, you can drive around with a missing MFD). The folks in Indiana were awesome and if you have an original MFD that has broken, I’d definitely recommend you try their service!


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