Making Whirlpool Refrigerator Light Bulbs Fit

We got a new Whirlpool refrigerator last week. The light bulbs in it (model w11125625) suck: they have a color temperature of about 7000k and they flicker like crazy (they flicker fast, not everyone can see it, but OMFG I can!).

What is far far worse is that Whirlpool made a proprietary light socket! The socket requires that the bulb be narrow far longer than a regular bulb.

I felt trapped with Whirlpool’s crappy bulbs! After scratching my head and getting a hint from my local hardware store, I was able to fix it. I bought a E26/E27 base adapter to candelabra base adapter. Then I had to take a Dremel tool to the adapter to get it to fit. Then I put a candelabra-base bulb in it. Problem solved.


The light bulb also goes by these model numbers: W10311527, 2260802, W10194423, WPL-4396822

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