New Gym, New Stronglifts Spreadsheet

I am completely excited about finding a new, great gym! Team Tufunga Training in El Cerrito. They’ve got the squat racks and treadmill that I wanted to do my Stronglifts 5×5 workout and it’s not overly crowded. Every time I’ve gone, at least 2 of the 3 squat racks have been available. Goodbye to 24 Hour Fitness and Planet Fitness!

24 Hours Fitness Super Center is clean and well maintained but always very crowded. Their 2 squat racks are almost always busy. And I feel like I’m in a show there.

Planet Fitness is crazy cheap, $10/month but they’ve only got Smith Machines, no squat racks at all. And their Smith Machines are always busy too. I could “usually” walk on to a machine at 6am Wednesday thru Saturday. And all the other machines isolate muscles so much that I’d be there forever to get a workout done.

Bay Strength has all the squat racks but it’s a different model: $350/month, 2 2-hour sessions at the same time every week with a small group and a trainer. That’s not what I want.



Here’s my latest Stronglifts 5×5 spreadsheet. I’m pretty darn excited at my progress, and my body feels great! It was a thrill when my brother-in-law Walt mentioned out of the blue that my body was looking good and asked if I was exercising!

I switched to entering just the weight on each side of the barbell instead of the total weight since I’m never excited about doing barbell math  during my workout. Now my formula is “Whatever it was last time per side, put 2.5 lbs more on.” It used to be… ugh “Weight per side = (Last total weight / 2) – (45 lb barbell) + (5 additional pounds / 2)

The number in gray is the total weight, calculated by the sheet. The formula I use to calculate the total is  “=IF(ISBLANK(B3),,B3*2+45)”



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