Looking for Wireless Earbuds to do Video Zoom Sessions

I need to use earphones to hear my clients on Zoom. I tried the premium “Jabra Evolve 65T” bluetooth earbuds but they didn’t work for me at all (see my review below). I’ll pay a premium price. Any suggestions?

My review of the Evolve 65T True Wireless Professional UC Headset, posted to Amazon 1-14-21

Several insurmountable problems led to a return

I was hoping to use these to do video Zoom chats on my Windows computer. Using them for listening to music and podcasts too. A couple issues forced me to return them:

– They occasionally make a very loud click in my ears. Once it happened when I walked away from my desk, maybe it lost bluetooth connection? Once it happened while I was trying to configure it. Earbuds should NEVER blast my ears with a loud click!

– The audio balance for music is often 90% to the left and can’t be fixed. I googled around and found several forums filled with people saying “yeah, that’s a problem. I called Jabra and they couldn’t fix it.” One fix seemed to work for some people: sticking a needle in the microphone port below the “R” on the right earbud and wiggling it around. I gently tried this (on my brand new earbuds) and it didn’t work.

– I had a bit of trouble configuring them to work. Making the sound path from Zoom/Spotify/default computer audio to the speakers wasn’t intuitive and the manual consisted of just 4 pictograms. I muddled through but a little more help from Jabra would have been nice. Here are some hints (that Jabra doesn’t mention!): The Jabra “Sound+” app for Android can help you configure the earbuds… but some forums say it is responsible for the left-balance problem. You should get the Jabra Direct Windows program to set up the Jabra USB Link 370 USB Adapter.

– I tried a few other earbuds, the MPOW Flame Solo and the TOZO T12 and both offered better features and sound quality for way less money!

I welcome comments saying which earbuds will work well for Zoom on Windows! These were premium priced, I’d be happy to spend premium money to make it work!


  1. Peter says:

    I can’t use earbuds, they irritate my ears too much. But I’ve seen a bunch of reviews for various earbuds over at nerdtechy.com.

  2. Lee says:

    I ordered Mpow Flame Solo earbuds AND TOZO T12 earbuds. I got the TOZO T12s tonight. First impressions: great for music on my Android and on Windows! And they tested well on Zoom on Windows! I’ll tell ya in a few days how well they do in real Zoom chats. And they cost… damn… $35 instead of the Jabras for $200 that sucked!

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