In-Laws House Destroyed by Wildfires

I am sad to say that the home of my in-laws Walt and Gail in Santa Rosa was destroyed by the recent wildfires. All family members got out safely with just a car-load of their possessions. They are now spending time locally to regroup.


  1. Bathes in Milk says:

    Lee, how can people help them? Call me. Thanks, Kartoffeln!

  2. Stevie says:

    That sucks. I remember the home fondly from when we were setting up for your wedding. I’m glad that everyone’s all right.

  3. lee says:

    I spent much of yesterday leisurely shopping at Target with Gail, Megan, and Abigail. It was time well spent emotionally and stuff-wise. Today Gail, Walt and Hannah came to our home to meet up with Roanne and Tom and us. We spent some time at home and at a local park talking about what’s happened, happening and going to happen. And time spent just being people. It looks like they are well covered by their homeowners insurance, which is a relief. They had been woken up by their dogs when the fire was approaching, giving them half an hour to load up many of their most precious items into their truck and get out safely. They’ll go visit the house in a few days when the evacuation order is lifted.

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