Cloud storage hurmphyness and happiness

Cloud storage hurmphyness and happiness: Two years ago I got a free 48 gigs of space on Dropbox as part of a promotion. I’ve been using it to move photos, music, and files onto my phone. It’s great. The free promotion was expiring soon and I was loathe to spend the money on a full membership. Being the nerd I am, I spent some time setting up a do-it-yourself solution with ownCloud and Dreamhost. After several hours of fiddling, it still totally sucked. I think the reason was that ownCloud won’t run well on my shared hosting. But if I upgrade my Dreamhost membership, I’d be spending MORE than just getting the Dropbox upgrade. Hurumph. So I bailed on that and tried a couple other solutions. Well, today my Dropbox expired leaving me with a “measly” 6 gigabytes of free space. Hahah, That is exactly how much space I needed! They used to only give 2 gig of free space, which wouldn’t have been enough.

So, it’s back to life as normal.

Here’s a shout-out to Dropsync, the great Android app that works so smoothly on my phone to move files.

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