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Old Age Confession

Repeatedly being down on the floor and then getting up to play with Abigail is more of a bother today than it was a few years ago! With my plan to go into pediatric OT, I’ve got this tiny worry in the back of my mind that my body won’t rise to the challenge. I can feel how school has taken a toll on my body with all that eating Clif bars on the run, sitting at a desk, and riding the bus! I’m so glad to be moving forward! To help with this, Megan and I have already restarted our Cambiati/Vitaliti lifestyle diets. These are diets that have worked really well for us in the past. I’m excited about getting back to a reasonable weight, strength and flexibility!


Cards Against Humanity: Donald Trump Bug Out Bag

The Cards Against Humanity folks are the best! They created the Donald Trump Bug Out Bag.

The most wonderful thing is that they actually sold 10,000 Trump bug-out bags. It’s this beautiful money-where-your-mouth-is comedy thing… or is it comedy? Is it?

Here is the compelling invite I found in my inbox:  I love the last line… “are you afraid enough to buy whatever we’re selling?”

Trump invite 2


And the actual sales page:

(right-click to open this large image full size)

Trump Bug Out Bag


Art in the World

There is still art in the world, sometimes you just have to squint a little to see it.

A kinetic sculpture that mimics a walking person


A Study for Fifteen Points by Random International, 2016.

Well On The Road to Becoming an Occupational Therapist

This week I finished my last class-work at San Jose State University toward my master’s degree in occupational therapy!

The Road Behind Me:

June 2011: needing a new professional life, my dad suggested a career in a medical field from an article he read in the local newspaper.

August 2011: Started three years of part-time classes taking prereqs like Anatomy, Physiology, Statistics, Sociology, Abnormal Psychology, and NeuroanatomySJSU Spirit Mark

Fall 2014 – Spring 2016: Academic program at San Jose State University. An intense, highly regarded academic program, 15 units per semester for two years.


The Road Ahead:

May 27: Walk with a cap and gown at Convocation with my cohort!

June 2016 – December 2016: Two fieldwork sites, a SNF/Rehab facility in Alameda and a community senior home care service in San Francisco.

December 2016: Graduation!

January 2017: take the OT Board Certification Test (NBCOT)

February 2017: (Hopefully) Become a licensed and registered Occupational Therapist!