Kevin Trudeau, A Great Liar But Not Great Enough

Wow, Wikipedia shows Kevin Trudeau to be, if not a great snake oil salesman, an oft fined and imprisoned character. Hopefully his recent 10 year sentence in federal prison will keep him out of trouble for a while.

He has been selling goods with false claims for many years, and getting caught and fined most of the time. Good riddance to a person like that.

Let’s hope the owners of all the nail fungus scams take heart. I’m talking to you Fungavir, Purnail, Funginix, Fungusil, Fungisil, Zetaclear.

Update 5-14-15: I should add that the reason I am so bitter about Kevin Trudeau’s imprisonment is that I saw him on late night info-mercials for “Mega Speed Reading” and “Mega Memory” with Howard Berg. I knew they were shady when I watched the info-mercials and I was extremely bothered that they were playing on my desire to read faster and have a better memory.

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