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Purnail is an expensive scam, likely rebranded Fungisil snake oil

Purnail is a toenail product to treat nail fungus. It’s active ingredient, undecylinic acid is available for about 1/40th the price at your local CVS!

For example, $13 for 1 ounce of 25% undecylinic acid in Fungicure vs $60 for 0.3 ounces of 10% undecylinic acid in Purnail.

Purnail is a scam. I’d like to give you better news but modern science doesn’t have a cure-all for nail fungus. Feel free to browse my site for ongoing real discussion about nail fungus cures.

Short form: orals sometimes (50%?) work but they can be toxic to your liver. Any topical has a low (10%?) chance of success at curing. Some people say one formulation has done better for them than others. Don’t hold your breath and don’t spend a ridiculous amount of money on treatments: if it seems to good to be true, it is. Keeping your infection at bay with an inexpensive topical might be the best you can do.

Purnail is almost definitely just a rebrand of another product made with the same ingredients with the same bottles and the same marketing. Take a look at the two product pages, do you notice any similarities?

Today’s Metal Porn: A Tool Cutting Steel

What I learned on Imgur today:
Slow motion close up of a steel cutting tool

Those little splotchy marks on the metal being cut are grains. The boundaries between grains is where cutting is preferred. Notice how the tool doesn’t do the cutting, rather the material being cut creates a dead zone in front of the tool and does the cutting, increasing tool life. When this buildup breaks away, a burr is formed. Also, the shavings that are formed during cutting tell a lot about the quality of cut and if the rake angle, speed or feed of the cutting must be altered.