How I get from Kensington to San Jose State every morning

Here’s my current commute:

  • Drive to North Berkeley Bart 11 minutes and park. $2.50/day
  • Train BART to Fremont, 50 minute ride, $8 round trip
  • Bus VTA 181 express to downtown San Jose, 40 minute ride, $0.00 with my SJSU pass ($8 round trip w/o)
  • Walk 10 minute to class

It usually takes 2 hours, 30 minutes door to door.

The train/bus runs every 15 minutes like clockwork all day.
I always get a seat on the train, almost always a seat on the bus (the folks coming on the train from San Francisco sometimes have to stand)
I usually get about an hour of work done on the train with my laptop tethered to the internet on my phone. And I usually get just a bit carsick on the bus. :-(

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