Neuroanatomy Prereq For My SJSU OT Master’s Program

I was conditionally accepted into San Jose State’s Master of Occupational Therapy program a few months ago. I just have to take a Neuroanatomy prerequisite class. San Jose State offers the class in the spring and summer semester but the former is a long commute for just one class and the latter would overlap with my wedding plans this summer. So  I went looking for other classes that would fill the prerequisite. I called the SJSU OT Department and received a list of Acceptable Neuroanatomy courses from other colleges that was updated in 2008

Update January 2014: Even better, I received this list of Acceptable Neuroanatomy courses from other colleges, Updated January 28, 2014 (Dec 2014 update: I heard secondhand that the National Academy of Neuropsychology course on this list is NOT acceptable any more. You should definitely check with the SJSU OT department before taking any of these classes. But I’ll leave it online so you can get an idea for what to expect)

This note was attached to the document as well:

Here are as many details as I have about neuroanatomy this summer offered through SJSU. You will have two options:

OCTH 190, Foundations of Neuroscience, 3 units, starts first week of June and ends in mid August. (Dates and Instructor TBD)
BIO 109, Human Neuroanatomy & Physiology, 3 units, June 16, 2014 – August 2, 2014 (Starts and ends later than previous years)

Dr. Sneary (who taught BIO 109 when I took it) will no longer be teaching. The online horror stories and bad Rate my Professor reviews won’t apply to you guys. Both of these courses will be offered through Open University for SJSU summer sessions. Here’s a link with more information on that: Make sure you are sitting down when you look at the cost. Tuition for classes once you have matriculated into the program is much more reasonable. You will not be able to register for either of these courses until later in the spring. I will email out the exact date when I know it.


  1. Michael says:

    As I learned the hard way, it’s not just a monetary setback. It’d put you back a year too. So good on ya.

  2. lee says:

    The amount of legwork required to do “the reasonable thing” is totally unreasonable!

  3. Michael says:

    Yup. Anytime you add in a helping of bureaucracy the reasonable thing is not going to be easy. Drives me up the frickin wall.

  4. Will says:

    Since this is from 2008, I wonder if they have a more updated version. haha

  5. lee says:

    Hey Will, that’s the list they sent me when I asked just a few months ago. And I know that the CSU East Bay class is still current since I’m taking the class right now!

  6. lee says:

    PS, I aced the CSU East Bay Neurobiology class with Professor Taban Seif. It was a good class.

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