10 things you shouldn’t buy in 2014

Here’s a list I ran across that tracks well with my life: 10 things you shouldn’t buy in 2014

  1. Cable TV – I watch on Youtube, Netflix, Hulu. The largest screen in my house is 17″ across, but I prefer to watch TV on the 15″ screen I’m sitting at while typing this right now.
  2. Landline phone service
  3. GPS devices – This week when I was driving Megan’s Prius I set my Android running Google Maps in front of the GPS screen in the car. The car’s GPS is kinda terrible
  4. DVD and Blu-ray players
  5. Hotel Rooms – Airbnb is the thing baby!
  6. Two-year cell phone contracts – I’m in Virgin Mobile now and maybe changing to AIO Wireless (which runs on Cingular’s old service. I loved my old Cingular before AT&T ate it. Ma Bell recently spat it out again as “AT&T Mobility“)
  7. Desktop and Laptop Computers – I’m seriously thinking of getting a Phablet phone (one of those giant screen phones that’s almost a tablet). And My Desktop computer now sits idle most of the time :-(
  8. Extra Legroom in Economy
  9. Credit Cards with Points or Miles Programs – They say the 1-5% cash back cards are becoming the rage. I dunno about that, I’ve been working those airline deals pretty well. We’ll see how it goes.
  10. Digital Cameras – Seriously, why carry a small camera when your phone has an awesome one? Maybe a pro DSLR is worthwhile if you need the pro flexibility

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