I felt a tiny earthquake just a minute ago at 1:08am. Maybe a 2.9. It felt like the whole room shook east-west a tiny bit like 3 times. Like a big truck on the street below had jammed on it’s brakes a couple times and wiggled the whole neighborhood.

Ha! I got the magnitude right!
USGS says it was a 3.2 with an epicenter between Berkeley and Concord!


  1. lee says:

    Aftershock at 2:06! I barely felt it, sitting in my chair. Like someone nudging the wheels of my chair with their toes. 2.2?

    And USGS says it was a 2.7 between Berkeley and Concord

  2. Dorothy Howard says:

    I would be scared stiff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mere thought…….

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