New Glasses… And a Weird Part!

After 13 years of having the same pair of eyeglasses (wow), I got a new pair this past week.

I think they look pretty rad. What do you think?

Thanks mom!

And now the weird part. A few minutes ago  I tried on my old glasses to compare them to the new ones and….. and they broke!  After 13 years they broke just a few days after getting my new pair!!! No… better yet… I’ve only worn them a total of maybe 2 MINUTES after getting my new pair! Yes, after 13 years, my old glasses broke 2 minutes after getting my new pair!



Deets on the new glasses: made by Silhouette. They’re the TNG shape 5227, 40, Color 6059 19, 145. Got them at  Meredith W. Morgan University Eye Center  AKA Cal Eye on University of California at Berkeley Campus.

Deets on the old glasses: Sferoflex darksteel, 160mm temple, cable temples  (which are awesome), 50, 19. I think I got them at Lenscrafters in Medford, MA in 2000.

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