Claripro is a Scam

Claripro is marketed as a product to eliminate nail fungus.  It’s crap.

Let me count the ways…

Their website don’t say what is in the product because there is nothing useful in it.

All of the claims on the site are specious:

  • The site says “FDA Registered Company” which means nothing.
  • “As advertised on MSN,…” Taking an ad out doesn’t legitimize a product.
  • They mention their “Homeopathic Oral Nail Fungus Relief Spray”, in case you were wondering, homeopathy isn’t medicine
  • Their return policy is absolute crap. You pay return shipping and  “…Refund Processing and Restocking Fee: $6 Per item e.g. 1 bottle return = $6…” They usually sell you 4 bottles at a time, do the math.
  • They don’t even say how much their product costs on the website

I think the most revealing point is that Claripro is mentioned on several Zetaclear websites as being a recommended product. The Zetaclear people are bad people.

I could go on for a long time about their site. Read my blog (and the many comments) and don’t give these jerks any money.


  1. blue says:

    ugh I hate these companies! When you say snake oil, I agree! I think it is awful they say that Lamisil oral is the 2nd highest success rate and they give Zetaclear the 1st place spot; I wish there was some regulation for those insane claims. thank you

  2. superfunguy says:

    You can see the same few products being promoted through websites like the one you’ve shown. I’ve recently been on a journey trying to track down suitable (and effective) anti-fungal products and its been so hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. And there’s defintely a lot of chaff out there! What I don’t like is how these companies have set up innocent, seemingly independent, looking blogs where their products are the only ones that are recommended. After a while you can spot their websites a mile away. They all have the same glossy style with photos of shiny people with big bright teeth!! Keep up the blog.

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