Barbots Success!

Last week SWARM attended the Barbots event. It was a great success!

Jon proposed:

So here’s the plan: I will get some 3/16 plywood and some 2x4s (anyone have some scrap?) and if I can find it some thin astroturf carpet. I have a spare piano hinge. The idea is to make a runway edged with 2x4s, and a small hinged ramp at the end, also edged with 2x4s. Under the ramp is an foot pump like for inflating air mattresses (anyone have one to borrow?) Someplace on a table with a bottle with a cork that has two tubes through it. The output tube goes down to the liquid; the input tube doesn’t and is connected to the airpump. Rolling an orb up the ramp depresses the pump, which pumps air into the bottle, displacing liquid through the output tube into someone’s cup. It will be punk rock but it should work…

And darn if it didn’t work! We had orb mini-golf at BarBots!

Here’s a fantastic set of Barbots images from Marc

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