Great Bread Class Testimonials

I’m teaching another bread class, Saturday October 1st 10am-1pm in the Mission. Join us!

Liz Toole wrote to me a few weeks ago about the bread class I taught. What a great letter!

Hi Lee,

my boyfriend Alex and I came to your Real Bread in 10 Minutes class at the Institute of Urban Homesteading a couple of months ago. Actually, it was at Ruby’s house and I think you said it was the first class you’d ever taught for them? Anyway, we had a blast, fell in love with breadmaking, and we haven’t bought a loaf of bread from ANY store ANY where since then. We also got ourselves down to Smart & Final and bought a sack of flour and a packet of yeast, but to be honest we haven’t even got through the bag you gave us to take away from the class yet.

We also saw you in the SF Chronicle just a couple of days later, commenting on your recollections of swinging (in the innocent “child of the 70s” parks and carousels sense of the word, not in the much grubbier, modern-urban usage…) It made us laugh. “Look! That’s our bread teacher, THERE, in the paper!”

Anyway, all this nonsense aside, I have a serious question for you: what was the name of the best-recommended bread book that you passed around? Was it Artisanal Bread in 5 Minutes a Day by Herzberg and Francois? Or something completely different?!

I am asking because, subsequent to our breadmaking class, Alex and I got engaged and we’re in full wedding planning / gift list making mode. That’s not to say that your breadmaking class was a direct influence on Alex’s decision to propose, but who knows? Perhaps elbow deep in flour he saw me in a whole new light…

Thanks for a great class. All the best,


Wow! How great was that. Oh and I answered her question, yes the book is Artisian Bread in Five Minutes a Day.

We chatted a bit and subsequently wrote

Hi Lee!

You made the whole process so simple and enjoyable. We loved your approach of “just go for it, what’s the worst that can happen?” and your assurances that it will, always, turn out well. It always does! Thanks for passing on your confidence and enthusiasm

Thanks again!


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