Bellflower: Wow.

I saw Bellflower tonight with Laurie at The Roxie. Three times, it was not what I expected.

The quotes I read in the trailer are 100% true:

“I laughed, I gasped. I felth touched by the warmth. I marveled at how real it all seemed and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it” –

Hallucinatory. Bellflower practically jumps off the screen.” – Rolling Stone

“A weird mix of John Hughes and Mad Max. One of the most trong and stylish critiques of the idiocy and confusion in young manhood since Fight Club” – MSN

“Bellflower is an explosive, outrageous, and dynamic first film that lives way outside the margins of what we call indie film today” – Hammer to Nail

“It is fucking intense. (director) Glodell threw me under the tires and I came out with grit and true catharsis.” – Me

See this film. I could try to warn you that it isn’t what you expect, but it wouldn’t do any good. Your mouth will still lie agape as mine was.

I have literally have worn that beard.

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