Frontier House

I’ve been rewatching the miniseries Frontier House from PBS. Man, it’s incredible!

This show came out at the beginning of the Reality TV craze in 2001, but this is real reality, which is much more powerful than any made-up game show beauty pageant popularity contest. The program answers the question, “What was life really like for Montana Homesteaders in 1883”. Answer: It was hard, really hard, dangerous, scary, trying, rough, frustrating, beautiful and sometimes immensely rewarding. And we get to see it all first-hand! This is what “reality TV” exists for.

Frontier House is immensely engaging, revealing of so many facets of life, affirming, and true. I’m only half-way through the series but I can’t recommend it highly enough. Rent it on Netflix or ask for it at your video store. If you live near me, let’s watch it together!

Here’s the start of the show on Youtube.

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  1. muffin says:

    I loved them, frontier house and there were others…I think Victorian house. So interesting. Now I am engrossed in gold rush…I just wish they’d stop replaying everything to get new viewers into it and caught up.

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