Installed WP-PhotoNav Panorama Plugin

Finally, a promising panorama viewing plugin for WordPress!
WP-PhotoNav by Fabian Moser lets you mouse-over a large image in a smaller window so you can scroll around a large panorama.

To use, I make photo links like so:

(right-bracket)photonav url=’’]

You can use features like so:
(right-bracket)photonav url=’’ popup=colorbox container_height=450]

The plugin adds a panorama button next to the other Upload buttons, this aids in creating good code.

(from his site)
The following parameters are used:

  • container_height  — Defines the height of the displayed frame (hence the container). If the image is higher than the given height, vertical scrolling (or dragging) is enabled. The unit is one pixel. There is also the parameter container_width in case you don’t want the frame to fill the horizontal space available in the post or page.
  • mode  — Specifies one of the following modes:  move,  drag  or  drag360  where move is the default mode and doesn’t have to be specified. The drag mode allows the user to navigate the panorama by dragging it inside the frame. The drag360 mode is similar, but generates the illusion of an vertically infinite image. This is useful for 360 ° panoramas where the user can turn around in each direction infinitely.
  • popup  — If specified, enables a popup for enlarged view. The only valid popup type at the moment is  colorbox, which only works if the  ColorBox  plugin for jQuery is available. It is provided e.g. by the  jQuery Colorbox plugin. You have to install this plugin separately to make use of the popup functionality.
  • animate  — If this option is enabled, the panorama will be rotated automatically until either the user interacts with it (by scrolling in move mode or dragging in drag mode) or the image is scrolled through entierely once. This allows to attract the users attention to the additional functionality of the panorama compared to a simple, still image. Please note that the animation (like everything else) is accomplished using JavaScript and might not be 100% fluid on all systems and browsers.

[photonav url=’’ popup=colorbox container_height=450]

[photonav url=’’ popup=colorbox container_height=450]

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