Burning Man 2011 Resource Guide — Part 1 of 3

Every year Burning Man puts out a guide for buying supplies and such. This year’s list is pretty darn huge so I’ve split it into 3 parts. Here you go!  You can  find the original listing here.

Be sure to check out the 2010 guide.


Playa Preparation Events

Beyond the Fence
Beyond the Fence is celebrating it’s 5th annual playa trunk show. San Francisco’s finest independent designers will be showcasing creations for both on and off the playa. Enjoy an intimate shopping environment while listening to some of San Francisco’s finest DJ’s.

Sunday, August 21st
Mighty – 119 Utah – San Francisco

styledivisionsf (at) gmail (dot) com

Prepare for the Playa
Prepare for the Playa
Everything you need for a great Burn from BurnerPreneurs!

Fashion Shows * Playa University *ARTist Benefit!

Sunday July 17th
&    Sunday August 14th Street Faire with FULL STREET CLOSURE!!

Time: 12pm-7pm

@ Cafe Cocomo
650 Indiana Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

60 + BURNER Businesses & Designers hosting THE BIGGEST AND BEST COMBINATION of PLAYA SPECIFIC Products and Services available!
Lights * Faux Fur * Goggles * Dust Masks* Costumes * Playa Wear *   and much more!

Funky Playa Inspired Fashion shows at 2pm & 5pm Showing all the latest and greatest Burner Couture for Burning Man 2011!

Playa University How to Clinics and Demonstrations on not just surviving on the playa… but THRIVING ON THE PLAYA!!

Playa Artists will be a part of the events showing their radically collaborative and revolutionary  installations with mock ups, talks and sneak peaks at what they are creating for Rites of Passage!

Virgin Burner Makeovers, Playa Artist Benefit and much much more!!!
preparefortheplaya (at) gmail (dot) com

Lights and Electronics

Acme Playa Supply
Light up your costume and your bike
Fiber optic clip on sparkles to make your hair and body dazzle
EL Wire flowers to make you glow beautifully
Fiber optic streamers for your bike handle bars will make you shine
EL Wire kits that are ready to use, just add a battery

We are a Burner owned business, some of our products are even made by Burners, and we have tested all of our products on the playa for many years.
daighpxo (at) mindspring (dot) com

A ready made kit to colorfully light up your bike so you can Be Safe and Seen on the Playa!

Kit includes a 10′ electroluminescent wire (available in 8 colors) pre-connected to an AA battery power driver, attachment strap for power driver, and fasteners to secure light. The lights have been perfected on the playa over the past several years and are now completely Water and Dust Proof. We are also very much prepared with inventory to meet the demand this year.

As burners ourselves, we are gifting as much as we can by having burners type in the coupon code “burningman2011” at the end of checkout on bikeglow.com and they will get the entire light kit delivered for $15.

(No limit, and additional units do save an additional $1 or so each on shipping.)

Please, make sure you can Be Seen while on the Playa at night! (While looking good, of course!)
chris (at) bikeglow (dot) com

Boldly Glow
Boldly Glow sells EL Wire, LED’s, light toys, and provides all kinds of goodies and support for lighting projects at the Burn. We are a business founded and run by burners supporting our own projects on the playa for the past ten years, and we want to support our community with a 15% discount on EL wire and battery inverters if you mention you saw us in the JRS issue. Also, delivery to Burning Man and on playa project support is free. So don’t be a darkward, play with light, and boldly glow!
andy (at) omnigenous (dot) com

Christmas Lights Etc
LED Christmas Lights – Christmas Lights Etc offers a large selection of energy efficient LED Christmas lights including LED Minis, LED Icicle Lights, LED Net Lights, G12, C6, M5 and more.
cdees (at) christmaslightsetc (dot) com

Cool Neon/Funhouse Productions
Cool Neon has been lighting the playa’s coolest projects longer than any other company. Whether you’re creating a cutting edge light art installation or just looking for enough light to keep from getting run down in deep playa, we are the company you can depend on. If you’ve shopped with us before, please tell your friends who to shop with; if you haven’t please ask your friends about us.

We are proud to be direct importers of Genuine Lytec Electroluminescent Wire. We also have a variety of beautiful and energy efficient LED products manufactured exclusively for us. This year we introduce our Total Control Lighting line: limitless RGB LED control, and our Cool Neon Arduino shield.

Free soldering party dates will be announced at www.coolneon.com; we are conveniently located near the base of the Bay Bridge in Oakland. While there, you can test ride our Social Revolution, the 2-person playa tricycle.

Burners’ specials: 20% off in July, 10% off year round (type ‘JRS’ in coupon field during online checkout). Most orders go out the same day.

Call us, Benny and Josh, anytime with questions.

We can’t wait to see you and your projects glowing on the playa!
info (at) coolneon (dot) com

CooLight Electroluminescence
Lighting the playa since ’90. Everything EL wire.
joel (at) coolight (dot) com

Enlighted Designs
Custom illuminated clothing for rock stars (actual or aspiring), and anyone who seeks increased visibility at night (for fun, fashion, safety, etc…). We offer some ready-made designs, including lighted bras, scarves, vests, and hats, but are mostly focused on custom creations, which can require a lead time of 4-6 weeks or longer. Please don’t wait too long to ask, we’re usually fully booked for the season by early August!

Enlighted is owned and operated by Janet Hansen, fashion engineer since ’98, burner since ’99 … we understand what works out there, and no request is too strange.
info (at) enlighted (dot) com

Hokey Spokes
What are Hokey Spokes?

Hokey Spokes Hokey Spokes are transparent “blades” that attach to your bicycle spokes. As these blades spin during riding, a computer inside the blades modulates the internal LED lights so that design images and custom text appear.

The user can decide how many spokes in a variety of colors they want to place on the bicycle wheel. Up to 6 “Blades” can be placed on each wheel. The more blades, the more visibility and persistence of vision at lower speeds. 2 Blades/Wheel look good, 3 Blades/Wheel look great, and more than three look amazing. The rider above has 3 Blades/wheel. In real life, they look even better! See Order Page.

Hokey Spokes are designed so that they fit virtually any mountain or road bike with a wheel diameter of 24″ or greater. Hokey Spokes can be used on front and back wheels at the same time.

Each Hokey Spoke contains a number of designs and messages. The blades can cycle through all the designs or can be set to play a custom text message all the time. Play mode is selected by using one of the waterproof keys located on any blade.

Now our Rainbow Hokey Spokes are available for only $19.95 for a limited time
hokeyspokes (at) yahoo (dot) com

Custom made LED costumes. Interactive, programmable CyberFashions, Clothing, Toys and Accessories. Very limited production. Not cheap. As seen in NY Times & Playboy (We need a PlayaBoy Magazine)
Also see www.GagaVille.com
PenguinMan also performs weddings on the Playa Not only does he perform the wedding, he performs the wedding. Singing, tap dancing, playing ukulele. Get you license in advance.
fimjox (at) yahoo (dot) com

Light ‘N Wire Productions


Light ‘N Wire Productions is an art-technology Lightwire (aka el-wire) resource center that provides Lightwire materials and consulting for the custom design and decor of Lightwire for illuminated costumes, masks, art sculpture, signage, theme camp markers, bicycles, art cars and theater props (limited only by your imagination).

– We also provide ready-made, already soldered Lightwire driver and sequencer kits

– Our consulting is FREE! louisbrill (at) sbcglobal (dot) net
louisbrill (at) sbcglobsl (dot) net

Live Wire Neon
Prepared for the Playa?… Live Wire Neon Can Help! From Bike Light Kits, EL Wire and Drivers, to custom LEDs, and Microlights, Glovesets, Solar Strands, Goggles, Faux fur and new Funky UV Reactive Clothing for Men and Women! The Live Wire Neon store has moved to a new, larger, convenient Location located at : 16846 Saticoy St. Van Nuys, Ca 91406 Open 12-6 Daily( Call for extended hours) LA Store (818)621-8747 Nor Cal Location in Healdsburg, CA by appointment only!! Nor Cal Phone Orders/ Location  (707) 433-8392  and (818) 601-0189 We are building a new website so please inquire if you do not see what you are looking for.. We probably have it in Stock!
Many Thanks from the Live Wire Neon crew!
livewireneon (at) hotmail (dot) com

Live Wire Neon
We are moving our store to Gerlach for 1 week! You will have the opportunity to buy discounted blinkies, lighted wire, everything tech at the BIG WHITE TENT in Gerlach this year. We can support your light project with our huge supply of equipment and supplies. We hqave the knowledge and know how. We have kits for bikes, and jackets & playa wear.
All Things!
Drivers and EL Wire – FINGER Lights – Gloves and Glove sets – Hair and Hats – Lasers – LED’S – MICROLIGHTS – Necklaces and Adornments – POI – Rav N Bullet light (Flash Tips) – SPECTRUM Lights – MUCH MORE!
sturgeon1 (at) hughes (dot) net

MoodHoops.com was founded to make cutting-edge LED hoops at prices every hooper can afford. Our hoops feature animated LEDs, counterweighting, taping, and start at just $69. The rechargeable battery can be swapped out in seconds so you never have to stop glowing. If you’re into smaller, lighter hoops, we also offer ultra-thin tubing.
moodhoops (at) gmail (dot) com

Can’t afford to build an Art Car? Learn how to decorate your Playa Bike! NiteString is the only el wire site dedicated to creating amazing Art Bikes. See photo galleries of cool do-it-yourself playa-inspired bicycles, tutorials on wiring your bike, and upload photos of YOUR bike wiring projects. Learn how to bring some Home, home, by joining or creating a NiteString riding club off-Playa.

NiteString is electroluminescent wire (el wire), but it is also a COMMUNITY envisioned by Burners for EVERYONE to express their creativity every day, while promoting night cycling safety in a super fun way. We’re helping form riding clubs in every community. We hold pre-compression bike decorating parties, try to out-do each other with our creativity, and then go on group night rides, pub crawls, etc, blowing away onlookers with our amazing bicycle transformations.

Join us! Wire YOUR bike, pARTicipate, start a club, have a blast!
jvetterick (at) NiteString (dot) com

Sierra Solar Systems

Solar Electric Panels:
50 watt: $245
60 watt: $280
135 watt: $435

12/24 volt 400 watt Wind Generators: $750

4 amp 12 volt Charge Controller: $35
10 amp 12 volt Charge Controller: $58

Sun Oven: $295
Solar Hotpot: $110

12″ 12 volt 650 cfm Table Fan: $165
20″ 12 volt 3000 cfm Table Fan: $294
12″ 12 volt 580 cfm Wall Fan: $283
16″ 12 volt 980 cfm Wall Fan: $315

Sundanzer 12/24 volt freezer or refrigerator: from $699
Sundanzer 12/24 volt solar powered refrigerator, 5.8 cu. ft
(runs on 120 watt panel): $1199

Solar Battery Charger (for AA, AAA, C, D: $24
Compact Solar Lamp: $60

12 volt to 110 volt inverters: from $40

100’s of other solar items in stock

solarjon (at) sierrasolar (dot) com

Small Steps Solar
The powerful Solar Powered Task Light is perfect for life on the playa. Charge it during the day, use it for up to 50 hrs on a single charge. Manufactured by Barefoot Power, a global, social for-profit enterprise that manufactures and distributes solar phone charging, lighting products and business development services to people at the base of the global economic pyramid. Founded in 2005, Barefoot Power has impacted the lives of 1 million people in over 20 countries. Over 1.5 billion people lack access to electricity and Barefoot Power is on a mission, to bring affordable renewable energy and efficient lighting to 5 million people by 2012 and 10 million people by 2015 and help eradicate energy poverty.
mark (at) smallstepssolar (dot) com

SolSolutions LLC
Power your camp or art project with the sun!

Playa Tested, Personal Portable Plug & Play Green Power.

The SolMan mobile solar generator.

Built by burners in Mendocino, CA, using top quality components. In action year around for point of use and off-grid living. Withstands searing heat, winds and dust.
Easy to transport.

No noise, fumes, gas can, refilling or expensive fuel!
Or supplement your gas generator, as the SolMan will interconnect, and you don’t have to run that beast all the time, for electric 24/7.

SolMan Lithium — 2000 watt — advanced battery storage and expanded PV. Enough power for a small sound stage!
SolMan Classic – 1500 watt — perfect for an RV, lighting and powering kitchens, refrigerators, camp pods, creativity.
SolMan ActionPacker — 1000 watt – great for art projects, personal power, fits in trunk of a car.

Included NmH battery charger with these, so you have plenty of small device batteries ready to go. We also carry super efficient LED lighting and other apps.

And access to larger solar trailer products, including a rental available for a 25 ft solar/bio-diesel hybrid that will put out 7 kW electric all day/night. .

Special Burner pricing: 5% off any order now until Augest 15th.,
sales (at) sol-solutions (dot) com

Wild Cherry
Night glowing costumes and add-ons
Stick Figure costume for nightime playa fun
EL wire Flowers to decorate yourself
Fiber optic hair extensions to make you sparkle
Fiber optic streamers for your bike handle bars
EL wire in ready to use form. Create your own glowing hat or design
BURNER OWNED Everything has been tested on the playa
smoffett (at) mindspring (dot) com

Miscellaneous BRC Gear

Action Wipes
No water? No problem! Action Wipes are all natural, full-body, wet wipes for when you can’t shower. Made extra big and strong to clean off playa dust from every crevice and sensitive body parts. Made with a gently sudsing action, eucalyptus and tea tree oils, they help prevent and ease playa foot. Each wipe is individually wrapped so they’re convenient to carry, make a great gift and best of all, they won’t dry out or get contaminated. Action Wipes are washable too, so they can be repurposed to clean the playa dust off your car when you get home. Save 10% by entering “playa” at checkout. www.actionwipes.com
martha (at) actionwipes (dot) com

BarSyl Bazaar
BarSyl Bazaar (BigWhiteTent) in Gerlach is planning to support the event once again. Our 4th year! We are amazed at your support and thank you from the heart. We will be open again as your final stop before reaching BRC. BEER-ICE-WATER-GOGGLES-BLINK- BLINK & MORE BLINK-SUNSCREEN-HATS-CLOTHES-HOT FOOD-SEXY TOPS-ACCESSORIES-TIGHTS-SHIRTS-BM LOGO WEAR-BM CALENDARS-SEXY WOMEN SELLING ICE CREAM
Support the Wildlife Conservation Ranch and order beer and ice and water ahead of time by emailing JB@ArtCarSupport.com
JB (at) ArtCarSupport (dot) com

Betty Burns
APPAREL – Betty has the last few remaining pieces of AWESOME IlanioWear apparel, website is updated daily to reflect remaining stock
FUN STUFF – Fur and Vinyl by the yard for the crafty ones
GIFTING – Get your camp’s message out there on drinkware, clothing, wooden nickels, shot glasses, lanyards, blinky stuff, hats, whatever. Logo-ed or blank goods at the best, burner-loving pricing. If it’s not on the website, call/email, I can get it for you!!
betty (at) bettyburns (dot) com

Blackrock Hardware
Shade kits, tarps, shade cloth.

Shade structures made for the high desert.

After years of desert travel in the Blackrock desert for Burning Man and other events my friends and I have come up with this great sun shade system to keep us and our kids out of the hot sun. This shade canopy gets rid of the tie wires altogether, holds up great in strong winds and is expandable so you and your camp mates can build one big structure out of everyone’s structures.

By purchasing these shade structures you are supporting our Theme camp The Empire of Dirt, Our Honorarium Installation at Burning Man in 2011, The Serpent Twins and the Giant Iron Snail Car the Golden Mean
jon (at) formandreform (dot) com

Blue Lotus Henna
Professional and highly creative henna artistry for all body parts! Kits and cones also available for DIY…
Info (at) bluelotushenna (dot) com

Builders Market
Burner-owned Builders Market is a t-i-n-y hardware store in Redwood City, CA. We have a nice variety of stuff that you might use to build an art project/car as well as plenty of the necessities (hardware-related) for on Playa.
toolpirate (at) netzero (dot) net

chaotic designs
My stuff will stay with you thru the fallout. Its coming to a city near you; get it now before the governmaent shuts down the internet! It’s all gonna end soon, might as well look good when it does. No but really I make my stuff to last.
all items are handmade by the artisan.
jaketourtellotte (at) yahoo (dot) com

DomeGuys International
Bulk Order Pricing on Geodesic Dome Frames for Burning Man

Take advantage of volume purchasing power so your frame(s) will be waiting for you on the playa – right and ready

Our frames are made with 1″ powder-coated structural steel:

– 16’ $400
– 20’ $885
– 24’ $1,035
– 30’ $1,270
– 36’ $1,720
– (+ Shipping) split between the groups relative to volume.

Offer ends Monday July 4th

– Yes, we have complete domes available – for sale & rent
?(new and used)
– Yes, we can talk about helping with the build
– Yes, we can talk about storing your frame(s) year-round
– Yes, we will produce any size – standard or fully custom dome?
(No, not at these prices — these are volume prices for standard product)

Why would we drop our prices so low? Because it’s better than wasting money on marketing that doesn’t reach you, because we want to stoke people out and because we can…

36’ time-Lapse Build

90′ Time-Lapse Build
matt (at) domeguys (

Flamebuoyant Productions
dot) com

Flamebuoyant Productions also offers fire dancing equipment. Informed by experience in the industry since 1999, our practice poi are designed to make it easy to learn new tricks, our fire equipment exceeds current safety guidelines, and our comprehensive lessons build movement patterns step by step. Now also featuring glow and flow toys, including silk dance props!

Our goal is to provide safe, attractive and high quality products at low prices with superior customer service and fast shipping. We use and perform with our products, and stand behind them with confidence.
shireen (at) flamebuoyant (dot) com

Genesis Light Line LLC
We offer Glowing fabric, Glow in the dark reflective cordage, adhesive backed glow in the dark sheeting. Along with Glow in the dark Marine, Dock, and Pet Products.

We use only the highest quality glow pigments available and are a customer oriented company. If it doesn’t glow, and glow well, we don’t carry it.
davidm (at) glorope (dot) com

Grassroots Books
Used and new bookstore in Reno. Movies, music, audiobooks. Assorted LED including finger lights.

Free used book with this page printed (you pick, restrictions apply, no purchase necessary).

See our website for special events including Burner events. Near Costco and REI at 660 E Grove St.
burn (at) grassrootsbooks (dot) com

K-12 schools and other public agencies “retire” a significant amount of property and durable goods each year. Asset reallocation is a large and complex issue for these agencies nationwide. These assets may include: classroom furniture and fixtures, instructional materials and supplies, lab equipment, physical education equipment, computers/technology, foodservice equipment and supplies, vehicles (cars, trucks, buses and other heavy machinery), office furniture and equipment, maintenance and custodial equipment, etc.

InterSchola provides a model designed to eliminate the headaches associated with surplus disposal by finding buyers for these valuable assets. On behalf of our Clients, InterSchola manages the auction process from start-to-finish, in compliance with complex legal Education Code that allows education institutions to sell their surplus in a public auction environment. eBay provides an ideal marketplace.

When such goods are designated as “surplus”, a school administrator is charged with disposal of the existing items to make room for new items. Though a good portion of this surplus has not reached the end of its usable life, currently, there are few venues where schools/districts can find sufficient value in the retired goods to make it worth their while to find an alternative for disposal other than expensive warehouse storage or the local landfill.

Buyers can use the website to locate items by asset category, and view past auctions, current auctions and upcoming auctions. Buyers can also access the InterSchola eBay store at http://stores.ebay.com/interschola, and sign up to receive notifications of items that will be available soon at http://interschola.com/join-newsletter.php .

InterSchola is a San Francisco Certified Green Business, and so far has brought back almost $10 million to schools and public agencies! In addition to providing this income, InterSchola has diverted over 10 million pounds from landfills! By completing the manufacturing cycle, InterSchola demonstrates a commitment to the “cradle to cradle” paradigm for using existing resources.
skoplowicz (at) interschola (dot) com

Mandala Domes
We are a custom design geodesic dome sales and rentals business located in Boise, Idaho. Our geodesic domes are custom designed to meet the individual needs of our customers. Each cover can be designed just for you, if we have the colors, we can make it for you! We use galvanized steel conduit for the framework, and 500 denier poly nylon UV protected, water proof and flame retardant material for our covers. We are happy to design a Mandala Dome just for you!
mandaladomes (at) gmail (dot) com

Nevada Fine Arts
Nevada Fine Arts is located on the main drag in Reno – Virginia St. just five minutes from the airport. We sell face and body paint and all art supplies including florescent and glow in the dark paint for your playa creative needs! Call ahead to place your order and we will have it ready for easy pickup on your way to Burning Man.  775-786-1128
debbie (at) nvfinearts (dot) com

Peg Stilts and Puppets – PegStilts.com
PegStilts.com – Peg Stilts for Kids and Adults!

Walk taller on the playa than ever before!

See everything from a different perspective!

Get your stilts now so you can practice, make costumes, and play with your friends!

Everything is handmade with attention to detail and love by Kricket Caffery in Portland, Oregon

Website: www.PegStilts.com
pegstilts (at) pegstilts (dot) com

Links to resources that might be useful for Burners in preparing for heading off to the playa.
penguin (at) playafire (dot) com

Playatech is the #1 camp design superstore on the playa – just download our plans, and all the camp furniture you’ll ever need is Done For You!! Well, you’ll need some power tools. We define playa posh, so shop and build early before our servers crash late July.

You’ve experienced Playatech from Media Mecca to Animal Control, Playa Info to Earth Guardians, and everywhere you want to sit, drink, dance, work, or chill at festivals – if you haven’t made any yet, earn your right of passage by joining the Playatech Generation:

1) Easy, cheap, fun, eco-friendly, and supports all 10 Burning Man principles.

2) Get past our designs that insidiously commodified the playa! Create just about anything, using fully-advanced 3D Playatechnology (slots).

3) Help us extend our ongoing Guinness world record for largest radically participative art project in Nevada history. Ever wonder what happened to all the trees there? Pour another Guinness on that Playatech bar!

June is the perfect month to get off your ass and make something it will appreciate on Labor Day. Before things get all hot and crazy this summer. And don’t even think of skipping out on your royalty to Black Rock Arts Foundation – we can track your plywood right through your iPhone.

Playatech — Earn The Right Of Passing Splinters To Spectators
sunshine (at) playatech (dot) com


** BURNER DISCOUNT: 10%-20% off belts, pods and sets!

We make the modular cargo-belt system designed specifically for playa: by burners, for burners, since 2002. Mix-n-match pouches and utilities to keep survival needs secure, accessible, and without weight on your shoulders. Discount set prices start under $50.

** NEW PODS NOW ONLINE: Especially for our non-local PodPeople: our cool new pouches and functional utilities, all rigorously playa-tested and determined to be reasonably burner-proof!

** ORDERING DEADLINES: ? Until July 14: Your choice of “Early Bird” gift ? Until August 8: Burner discount prices + guarantee pre-BM delivery ? August 8-26: LAST CALL: no discount + may require rush shipping

** TO GET THE DISCOUNT: Visit http://podbelt.com/buypod.html, scroll to the bottom, click the flame icon and enter the password:   blackrockbelt. You MUST order from this BRC page. Retroactive discounts cannot be given.

** IN LA OR SF:   Come try out our latest limited-edition prototypes: SlingPods, TacticalTutus, and soft fabric earth-tone belts and pouches… Plus SintheteX RubberWear and our other unusual handmade costumes and accessories:? SF: Prepare for the Playa, July 17th and August 14th @ Cafe Cocomo.? LA: make an appointment to visit our workshop @ the Brewery Artist Colony.

Thanks for your continued support!
pod (at) podbelt (dot) com

Reno Bike Project
Reno Bike Project is your one stop shop for all your Playa Bicycle needs. We carry a large selection of bikes for the burn as well as lights, baskets, racks and more. Reno Bike Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to making Reno a better town for cyclist, so all your support goes right back into the community.
renobikeproject (at) gmail (dot) com

Did you see those super sweet parasols on the playa last year? Bettie Page, Tattooed Mermaids, Skulls & Devils? Get these parasols while they are still in stock! Perfect for protecting your skin from the harsh playa sun, not to mention, keep your temperature down! Durable and light-weight make them the perfect accessory for an adventure to the art on the playa, mid-day. Fun and fresh designs to complement your BRC gear.
kirsten-a-go-go (at) prodigy (dot) net

South Bay Canopy
Best prices/selection for playa-sturdy sunshades,shadecloth,rebar,bungees,lots.of.tools,industrial.sized.propane.cookers&stoves,much more. Hours:M-F:9am-5pm, Sat:10am-4pm 647 Tully Rd#8,San Jose,CA  408.998.8280
vicky.du (at) yahoo (dot) com

Trueform CNC Machining Inc.
Trueform CNC Machining manufactures cool things for the burner community. We did the signs for “The Heart Machine” in 2010, the signs for “Mutant Mo’s Last Chance Saloon” in 2009, made over 600 pendants between 2006-2009 to gift on the playa. We have also created interactive art for the Toronto Burning Man Community. This year check out our contribution at the CORE effigy project. Oh yeah…. we also CNC machine all your cool prototypes / short run productions too.
Franklin (at) tfcnc (dot) com

Got playa foot? Waxelene is the petroleum jelly alternative. A general-purpose product with only 4 ingredients–natural beeswax and organic oils. Slather on after you neutralize the alkaline dust to soften skin in the dry desert climate. Also great for combat boot blisters or costume rashes–maybe even as lubricant for your bike chain in a pinch! It’s up to you–many uses means one less thing to pack!

We are offering 10% off our 9 oz. (big) jar for burners! Use “BRC1” coupon code at checkout.

See you at Home!
info (at) waxelene (dot) com

“whoop” – an exclamation of approval and excitement.
“whoop it up”, Informal.
a. to raise a disturbance, as to celebrate noisily
b. to stir up enthusiasm, as for an idea or project
-from dictionary.com

Hula/Hoola Hoops, Travel Hoops, Twins, Poi Hoops, Minis – Happy colors and happy spinning makes happy Hooper Burners.
whoopkat (at) gmail (dot) com


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