Looking Down, Looking Up

I got laid off from earthmine. While they loved me, (and gave me the best recommendation letter eva) they said they need a mechanical engineer instead of a jack-of-all-trades. I really enjoyed the job, the building stuff, cameraderie, travel. That’s the “looking down” part.

Looking up… I just got the go-ahead to make a new sign for a new local Pizza Cafe. It’ll involve using the newest, coolest tool at the Box Shop, the CNC plasma cutter.

More looking up… a friend asked if I couldn’t help her by helping relatives go sight-seeing in Carmel, that’ll be fun.

More looking up… I’m now the head of the Kinetics and Electronics Department at the Crucible! And youth classes are starting up soon so I’ll have a month of crazy projects and youthful exuberance!

And the latest looking up: Yarn Bombs! Finally, a graffiti I can get behind.


  1. TJIC says:

    Sorry to hear about the layoff; that sucks.

    Something new and cool will arrive, though!

  2. zee says:

    that sucks/is awesome re the crucible..too bad i didn’t get to check it out when i was in town!

    i suppose you’re all responsible and have money saved for situations such as this…
    and now you get to travel? i see only goodness and fun ness coming out of this..whats next in store?
    Lee you’re too talented not to find something else, between you and Schulyer..i feel lucky to have met such very talented and inspiring people during my time in SF
    come visit vancouver!
    knit bombing is AWESOME!!!!!
    ~zee from tha north side

  3. lee says:

    Thanks both of you for the encouraging words. I’m off to a “Comfort Foods” party right now, bringing Joe’s O’s and Honey (AKA Sugar) Smacks. It’ll all work out.

  4. zee says:

    p.p.s have you ever had burritoes with pineaaple? they awesome heavenly..
    you should really try it. or just go to one of those ghetto mission burritoe places and bring your own can of pineapples!!

  5. erik says:

    i know some of these Knitta Please kids from Houston:

  6. Sucks about the job, but onward and upward i’m sure it won’t take you too long to find something to pay the bills while you are working on awesome projects. Good luck

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