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Our equipment hasn’t come in yet. Who knew importing near-military grade GPS equipment to Saudi Arabia would be problematic?

We’ve been twiddling our thumbs 8,000 miles from home for 3 days. Our hosts are great, the food is excellent, the accommodations very nice. It still sucks to be just sitting here.

285 cable channels, 15 in English. There’s nothing on. Though there is the Mecca channel… all Mecca all the time, with these long slow pans of the place. And there’s like 150 channels of religious singing, 60 channels of unintelligible  (to me) talking heads with headdresses…

I really need a portable mouse. The trackpad on my laptop is getting old.

I’m not getting over jetlag nearly as fast as I would if I weren’t sitting around all day. Ugh, a 10 hour time difference!

High points so far

  • the Saudi style dinner we had 2 nights ago was quite an experience!
  • walking part of Riyadh and going to the top of Kingdom Tower.

If you care to, email or comment on this post to allay my homesickness. Please don’t call my cell, it’s $2.50/min whether I pick up or not. But I can call you via Skype when I have wifi…

Jack and Lee of Arabia

From the roof of our apartment in Riyadh

The sound of all the prayers being sung from the innumerable mosques just after sunset is indescribable.

Off to Saudi Arabia

I’m off to Saudi Arabia today with my coworker Jack for Earthmine. I’ll be back, albeit jetlagged,  November 3rd.

Next, US cross country trip!! approximately November 14-22nd

  1. San Francisco
  2. Washington state
  3. Utah
  4. Colorado
  5. Michigan
  6. Washington DC
  7. Flying to Nashville for Thanksgiving

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Black Jack Justice: Journeys End = AWESOME

I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks. By far the most entertaining  audio program I have listened to in a very long time is Black Jack Justice #36 – Journeys End.

Want to make your next drive go by just like that? Download and burn this radio play today!

The bad news: This appears to be the very last episode of the series. I certainly miss it!

The good news: Listening to this episode won’t cramp your enjoyment of the other 35 episodes!

Putrajaya at Dusk

Overlooking Putrajaya Malaysia at dusk from the infinity pool of the Shangri-La Hotel.