Off to Malaysia!

I’m going off on a trip to Malaysia tonight til Oct 1st for work! There will be some time for play. Any suggestions for what to see or do?


  1. lee says:

    I note that my trip begins on the evening of sept 18th and ends on the afternoon of sept 20th. Holy crap Batman! The 19th of September will barely exist for me. Oh what precious thing will I miss that would have happened on the 19th?

  2. Nathan says:

    I was in Malaysia for 6 weeks. Putrajaya is definatley a cool city to explore seeing all of the cool construction. In KL, I would reccomend going up to the KL tower, it offers a great view of the city. Go at sunset so you can see the city at both day and night it’s a tad expensive (i think 45RM or about but worth it). China town (Petling Street) is a place to buy soccer jerseys or other counterfeit stuff rather cheaply just be sure to bargain because as soon as they see that you are white they will want to charge you triple what stuff normally costs be careful at night and keep a close watch on all your possessions when you are there. The best place for souvenirs is Central Market though which is in down town KL. Another interesting place to see is the Blue Mosque. It is the 4th largest mosque in the world and is a sight to behold. You can walk around it any time of day but certain hours they will let you in. Be sure to wear pants.

    food wise make sure you eat Indian and Arabic food. Those are the ones that I found the most enjoyable. Roti is great especially dessert Rotis like Roti Boom, Roti Tissue, and Roti Planta. Also if you want a good story eat Durian. It is absolutely disgusting but the locals love it.

    If you get lots of free time Penang and the Cameron Highlands would make for interesting day trips or weekend trips, flights to penang are quite cheap from KL. In Nilai (Near KL Airport) there is an internationally famous Chinese restaurant called Restouran Loon Sing. I ate there and it was ok but very expensive, but if you happen to be a stickler for famous Chinese food you should give it a go especially if your wallet is deep.

  3. lee says:

    Hey Nathan, thanks for the pointers. I didn’t have too much time to see sights. Though I did see every inch of every road in Cyberjaya, George Town and Melaka. Though on my desk right now I’m looking at some tiny perfect shells I picked up just north of Melaka, on the Bay of Bengal!

    We did go through Putrajaya a few times. The bridges and buildings there are quite a sight!

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