Installed Bad Behavior

In the continuing effort to fight comment spam, I installed the Bad Behavior plugin on the blog. If this accidentally stops your legitimate comment, please email me at Lee at Lee dat org.

update 4-11-11: I removed Bad Behavior a while back. See the comments


  1. Julklappar says:

    Is it good? I only use Akismet and have been using it since I can’t remember when. Sometimes it is too paranoid and strict. I have to wade through the hundreds of spam to check on each of them. Some are being marked as spam when they shouldn’t be. False positives. I will check Bad Behaviour out. I’m getting tired of checking spam daily.

  2. lee says:

    Julklappar, actually, after enabling Bad Behavior I didn’t notice any change in the number of spams left on my site. NoSpamNX still catches about 80/day and Akismet about 5/day. :-(

  3. lee says:

    FYI, I removed Bad Behavior from my blog a while back.

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