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3.5 Earthquake This Morning

Centered just a mile or so west of Ocean Beach at 7:47am.

I was in bed and barely awake. The building shook a bit more than a building should generally shake when maybe a strong wind blows on it. I was groggy but it felt like just about 3 seconds of shaking.

Wee! I haven’t felt an earthquake in a few years. It’s good to know the earth is still alive… I hope it doesn’t rain down an 8.5 tomorrow.

Misplaced Posters

I went to New York a week ago and saw this poster in Baggage Claim at JFK.
Umm, if the bag made it this far, what do you think the odds are of it being a bomb?

Fly a Rubber Band Powered Airplane for an Hour!


local version:

This happened at Lakehurst Naval Station, in the hangar that was the home of the Hindenberg et all.

Polymerase Chain Reaction for the rest of us!

An acquaintance of mine, Tito Jankowski has been working on an Open Source PCR machine with a friend. This is totally awesome stuff. It’s open source biotech! DIY Biology! When they’re done, you’ll be able to get an essential machine for examining and replicating DNA for $400 instead of the going price of such a machine, $4-10k.

Check out the video and description on their Kickstarter page.

OK Go Underwater

At Maker Faire I caught the last bits of the OK Go show. The show wasn’t about the musical experience, it was about the awesome.

If you’re all about the awesome, watch the whole video.

If you have no patience, start watching at about 17:30

local version:

the byline:
h2oboy1 — May 23, 2010 — Behind the scenes at a live “underwater” OK GO concert from Maker Faire 2010, as seen through the eyes of the WaterBoy Performance Director, Marque Cornblatt. This is the first time the band has played music underwater, and they did it live at Maker Faire featuring “I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe” and “This Too Shall Pass.” Enjoy this frantic behind-the-scenes look at the making of a one-of-a-kind concert experience.

And catch the Craption about Waterboy!

Crucible Fire Cabaret

July 15-17 The Crucible is having a “Fire Cabaret”. I’ve been watching some of the dancing practice on my way to and from class. It looks like it’ll be pretty hot. And the other dance and such that’s lined up looks cool.

Check it out.