iTunes and Quicktime is Bad at Everything

What is the deal with this?

When I double-click a .mov file, it takes 30+ seconds for Quicktime to power up and play the file.

When I plug my iPhone into my computer, it takes 2+ minutes to backup the iPhone every time… and THEN it starts syncing.

iTunes is DOG SLOW to do anything and everything. It is USELESS as a player of anything because I can’t even freaking scroll down a list without frustration.

It never was a very good podcast player. I just switched back to the open source, free, Juice podcast player (an app that hasn’t been updated in 5 years!) and it’s sooo much better.

The interface is still completely non-intuitive. While I watch other people using it, their mouths always say “it’s so easy!” but the frustration in their fingers and eyes tell me they are lying.

I just reinstalled windows due to a hard drive crash. My computer was lighting fast at everything as I was reinstalling apps until I came to reinstalling iTunes. Fucking boat anchor of an application.

The ONLY reason I use iTunes is to sync my iPhone to Outlook.


  1. coreyfro says:

    Media Monkey for Music Syncing to Iphone

    VLC for all media files

    This is, of course, assuming Windows.

  2. lee says:

    Followup: I just ran into another insanely stupid issue with iTunes.

    I recorded some notes with the Apple iPhone Voice Memo app and I can’t get the memos off the iPhone. I reinstalled windows recently and (I’m guessing) that the voice memo is associated/authorized/whatever with my old iTunes installation. I can’t get the voice notes to sync onto iTunes. If I make a new voice note on my iPhone, it will sync; but the old voice note won’t.

    Maybe I’ll just get it out of the iPhone with an audio cable.

    I asked some friends if they had a fix and J. wrote back:

    FUCKING iTunes.

    That sluggish fascist bloatware POS is worse than anything M$ ever put out.

    I trust you’ve googled the issue, I don’t know of any magic fix. Short of jailbreaking, you may be hosed.

    He’s dead on. And yup, I’m hosed.

  3. Larry says:

    Mobile me ( will keep your phone and calendar synced. I Hate iTunes

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