North Bay Solar

My good friend Barry is co-owner of a solar consultancy. Pathways Energy Solar Brokers

He goes to businesses and homes and figures out what kind of solar electric systems would work for their situation. Then he shops around to different solar integrators to get the best price. He helps with the whole process, making sure no funny business happens. He knows the solar industry really well and he’s a really great guy. I’d trust him with my roof.

And it’s pretty cool that his services are essentially free for the customer. From his site:

Since the solar companies have to spend very little time competing, they are able to keep their costs down and these savings are passed on to you. We receive our fee from the solar contractor for delivering a sold client to them, so we are able to offer our services to you at no cost.

It’s a little like the old Progressive Insurance ads… “When solar companies compete, you save.”

If you live in the San Francisco North Bay… Santa Rosa, Sonoma, Napa, Petaluma, Novato, Healdsburg, Vallejo, anywhere in the whole North Bay… and you are thinking of putting solar on your roof, call Barry!

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