A BB Gun For My Birthday! Powerline 880s Air Gun

Charlotte got me a Daisy Powerline 880s airgun that shoots BBs and pellets for my birthday. Wee!

powerline 880s-1

powerline 880s-2

Local copy of Powerline 880 Manual

I can now blow the heck out of any cardboard box within 200 yard radius! Those boxes don’t stand a chance!


  1. Dwight says:

    i got the same gun just a week ago and i already shoot 10 targets with all bullseyes and the scope is hard to set in thats the bad part

  2. Jim G. says:

    I have the same gun and it has stopped pumping. I am not sure if I am doing some thing wrong or if it is really broke. I only had it about 8 months.

  3. michael. says:

    i just got a daisy 880s and it dosnot work i pump it and it dos not work im not sure if im doing some thing wrong or if its broken but i dont see how its new i just got it ..can you help me thank you.

  4. Jim G. says:

    you do need the safety button pushed to on position before you start to pump i do believe. I took mine apart to try and figure out what is wrong with it. It is still in parts right now. Happy pumping and shooting. jim

  5. Alex says:

    Hello’ve had one but it was stolen and where I live does not have this model.
    Sera that could Diser me the value of an ai, and has the buy email or internet?
    Thank you.

  6. lee says:

    Alex, I’m sorry to hear yours was stolen. I don’t understand your question. I got this BB gun from Walmart for under $60.

  7. joe says:

    just to you people that do not know how to work it it only pumps air into it if you have a bb or pellet loded into it and if you get it to work you can kill many things i have woods behind my house and i have killed animals up to foxes but you usally have to get heart or head shot to because low fps and it doesnt matter if the saftey is on.

  8. Nick says:

    Joe, you are full of it! You did not kill a Fox with an 880. They are barely sufficent to kill a squirrel! You don’t have to lie to kick it!

  9. lee says:

    Nick, a BB gun can certainly kill a fox with proper aim. People are sometimes killed by them as well, they are dangerous weapons.

  10. Raymond says:

    Are you still shooting your 880 airrifle Lee? Have you tried a scope on it, and some different pellets? The gun will actually shoot better than you are able to hold a good sight picture! Good shooting to you! Ray

  11. lee says:

    Hey Raymond, I haven’t shot it in a while but it’s still fun knowing it’s in my closet!

  12. Richard P. says:

    ( I have an daisy 880,all I’ve only shot chipmunks.Now I think I’m being invaded by woodchucks!I had a
    chance to get a Ruger Airhawk thru a barter haven’t shot it yet but I think it will do the job!!!

  13. Raymond says:

    Hi Lee! Have you tried any further shooting with your 880? If so, how about another blog post of your shooting? Just interested in seeing what you’re finding out for consistent accuracy from this rifle. Thanks!

  14. lee says:

    Hi Raymon, thanks for asking but I haven’t gone shooting with it much. I love the idea of having it though. It’s a great little something under my bed.

  15. Wayne Highsmith says:

    At first I was pulling my hair out trying to set the scope. Finally got it and I love this rifle. Any pellet recommendations for varmint hunting? Currently using Gamo rockets.

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