Exploratorium Reflections

On Friday night I went to a Members Only night, celebrating the final day of the temporary exhibit “Reflections”. It was really really really fun! It is a giant spherical mirror, maybe 10′ tall, 15′ wide. It is mirrored on the front side while regular mirrors are mirrored on the back (which makes them sturdier with slightly poorer reflections).

doppelgangerIt was great fun playing with others, moving into and out of the focal point, seeing myself reflected perfectly though upside down in 3-D. It was like seeing my inverted flying trapeeze doppelganger! In the image to the right, which is the real me? The lighting is a givaway here, it was harder to tell in person!

kazooThese images on the left were not done with Photoshop, that’s what it really looked like! Freaky!

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