Should I take multivitamins?

For as long as I can remember I have taken multivitamins as a matter of course. Ranging from once a week to daily. I was getting ready to order more vitamins from Puritan’s Pride, they are having their yearly-ish “buy 1, get 2 free” sale. The topic of vitamins came up this weekend at a gathering where there were several smart people including 2 doctors and no one in the group eats multivitamins regularly. “Hmm,” I said.

So today I did some googling and found a study from the National Institutes of Health that says pretty much, “They are a little bit good for you and they are a little bit bad for you. We certainly won’t tell you that you should take multivitamins as a matter of course.” And I saw an article from the US Department of Health and Human Services saying much the same.

“Hmmmmm,” I said.

I eat healthy. Should I take multivitamins? I’m thinking that the answer is “no.” What do you think?

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