International Space Station Flyover Tonight in San Francisco

The International Space Station may be a colossally expensive bridge to nowhere, funded on the backs of the people of the world…

… but it’s going to be flying overhead tonight from 8:50 to 8:55. Since they installed the latest bunch of solar panels, when passing, I hear it’s like the second brightest “star” in the sky! I’m going to check it out with Charlotte.



  1. lee says:

    All I can say is “that was awesome!”

    At 8:50:30 or so I saw what looked like a very slowly moving star in the south-east. It quickly got brighter and picked up speed. When it was directly overhead it had a certain awesomeness that is hard to describe! I could just imagine the guys in that glimmering tin can flying along at 20,000 miles an hour waving their arms screaming “Ahiiiiiiiii!” It was maybe 3 times brighter than Venus, easily the brightest object in the sky, brighter than the planes on approach to San Francisco airport. You couldn’t miss it!

    As it screamed by I called Rick. When he got to his roof and looked up, after a moment of searching his first words were, if I’m remembering correctly, “That is fucking awesome!”

  2. […] Tuesday evening the International Space Station will be flying by San Francisco. Join a contingent on Bernal Hill or just look up at the right time. I caught it once before and was cooler than you’d initially imagine. […]

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