Franciscan Crab Restaurant Restaurant Review (1 of 5 Stars)

(I posted this to Yelp on 6-8-06)

Franciscan Crab Restaurant
Pier 43 1/2
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 362-7733

Dungeness crab was very good, though very expensive.

We had to ask about our appetizer twice before it arrived. My chowder arrived without a spoon (there are no spoons on the tables, it should have been pretty obvious I needed one). The crab arrived without a plate for my mom to eat it on. My dad’s regular fork was replaced by the waiter with a small fork even though he wasn’t eating crab. The waiter’s name was “Joseph” on Monday June 5th, 2006.

The place was cold and breezy. The view of Alcatraz at sunset was excellent. We asked the busboy to turn on the gas fireplace. 5 minutes later the waiter turned it off. We had to ask him to turn it back on twice.

the clam chowder was “ok”, though it wasn’t hot enough. We had to ask to get bread on the table. It was warm (not hot) on the inside and cold on the outside. The butter was hard and cold.

My crabcake was “ok”. For $15, it should have been terrific.

The seafood risotto was “pretty good”. For $30….

The waiter pushed aside my mom when she asked how we were supposed to eat the crab that he plopped on a raised centerpiece. He pushed her aside and pulled the shell off

Service 0 stars
Food 2 stars
decor 3 stars
Price $$$$
Not recommended

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