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I’m Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams… In Zimbabwe

I just won an ebay auction for 3 100 trillion dollar Zimbabwe notes. That’s 100,000,000,000,000.00 dollars.

If those were US dollars, I’d be able to buy every human on the planet a used 2006 Chrysler Sebring Convertible in excellent condition with the sporty 2.7 liter V-6, A/C and alloy wheels. I’d have enough left over to chip in to cover the insurance, gas, and basic maintenance of those 6.7 billion vehicles for 3 years.

But I’m just going to buy a mansion and a yacht.

Changed WordPress Themes

whiteout-bugI had this terribly annoying Google Adwords problem with my old WordPress Theme. When displaying a Google Ad in Internet Explorer 7 (not, Chrome, not Firefix, just IE), the font color of the majority of text would change to white. If I resized the screen so that the lower ad couldn’t be seen, the font color would change back to black correctly. But… gah!

I stared at the source code for a while and couldn’t figure out what the frig… so I borrowed another theme and adapted it to Leeness. It’s called Fluid Blue by srinig. I’ve still got a tiny bit of cleanup to fully adopt the theme but it’ll be done shortly. 


Installed WordPress 2.7.1

I should say “Installing WordPress 2.7.1”. It’s all going smoothly but I’ve got so many plugins to nudge.

While the Cat is Away

On Thursday the mouse….

  • worked on electronics all day, filling the kitchen–>dining room table with electronics. And I didn’t clean it up!
  • Made scalloped Russett potatoes in porcini and (macaroni and cheese) cheese sauce. And I (dare I say) boiled them! And they were fantastic
  • Cleaned up the kitchen and it stayed clean. I used 1 fork, 1 spoon, 1 plate, 1 bowl like a true bachelor. And they got cleaned when I finished.
  • I ate 1/2 of lunch and 1/2 of dinner standing up in the kitchen :-)
  • Went to bed after 3, when I was too tired to keep my eyes open. Got up at 9:30 the next day
  • Scheduled to go out to dinner on Friday and to a rockin NIMBY party on Saturday
  • Played the music I wanted as long as I wanted all night
  • Put together a RBBB Arduino and Serial Display LCD board
  • Went to the Box Shop to pick up some things
  • Had lunch with Kurt to tell him about SWARM’s experience at Coachella (Papalote on him!)
  • Went back to the Box Shop to pick up some things (oops!)
  • Finally installed electric outlet in garage so I can charge my car battery. I hadn’t run the car in a week and I couldn’t start it because the battery was low. :-((. So, after considering it for more than a year, I installed an electric outlet so I could use this fancy desulphating battery charger (BatteryMINDer BM12248) that SWARM owns.
  • Bed time: 5:30am :-)

  • Went to NIMBY 5 Year Anniversary Party (note in the photo the metal tracked robot trouncing over the heap of wooden pallets, with large multi-colored flames dripping a flammable liquid onto the fire-ball and onto the pile of tinder. SQEEEEEE!) See the Life Size Mousetrap drop a safe on a cake (3mb AVI file)
  • Tried to make a case for the T. Pen with plastic. Failed (so far)
  • Bed time: 5:30am :-)


And then Charlotte came back.

Installed Twitter Tools

My Tweeting friends might have noticed that I installed Twitter Tools. It allows my blog posts to be cross-posted to Twitter. And my tweets get cross-posted onto my blog weekly. I think that satisfies my desire to keep everything centrally located on the blog while still allowing for the quick silliness of Twitter.

Can’t See Responses To Tweets

More on the “Gah!”…

So a friend of mine twot an interesting question. Is there any way I can read the read the responses he received? I’m pretty sure the answer is “No, because Twitter is stupid. He should be using a better, more popular social networking site like maybe Xanga, Imeem, Skyrock, Wasabi, or Viadeco”

Here is the interesting question he posted, “With Hex or Grey Code optical encoders, can varying resistors be assigned to the pins to allow position to be read as an analog value?”