The 5 stages of Twitter Acceptance

Rick T Tweeted at me recently:
@leesonko The five stages of Twitter Acceptance

Here is my reply:

The 5 stages of Twitter Acceptance (Lee’s version)

1) How could 140 characters be enough room to write anything intelligent to anyone?

2) Stop bugging me, I’ll get a freaking account already.

3) Hey, this is just like blogging except 140 characters isn’t enough room to write anything intelligent to anyone.

4) Oh I get it, it’s like mobile IRC… except the interface isn’t as advanced as that 1988 standby. And the whole world can see your conversations that are automatically eternally publicly archived. I could get a (non-mobile) Twitter client like Twirl and make the process of… umm… what was I doing? Oh yes, microblogging/chatting easier… wait, isn’t that was the whole Web 2.0 / AJAX revolution was about: making websites “live” with XML messaging? So why doesn’t use that? Wait, why don’t I just use SMS and email for private text messages, and my blog for public messages? Boring, eh? I mean, I have my phone everywhere and it supports email and texting. And my (non-mobile) computer supports email and multimedia and and stuff. Well, at least I can put my friend’s twitter accounts into my RSS reader. Sure their Tweets aren’t as descriptive (140 char limit), intelligible (can’t follow conversations), or useful (“Can’t Tweet now, pooping”) but at least I’m finding a way to keep in contact with my friends without having to hear their voices on the telephone or see them in person. Good thing, eh?


  1. lee says:

    Reading Tweets is like reading a newspaper that has headlines but no actual stories.

  2. Rick!!! says:

    useful, though: you now know that a bunch of us are going for pizza tonight, and you’re contemplating showing up.

  3. coreyfro says:

    1 and 3…

    learn to twitter poetically. It’s like compression, and if it still doesn’t make sense, people will just think you’re a high falutant dingbat.

  4. Andrew says:

    i just browser throught this page & i wanna to know some few stuff about the page?

  5. Bathes in milk says:

    Not keen on twittered blogs–they are basically incomprehensible blips…how aboutthe non sequitor game? I like peanut butter – can you swim?

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