Sony Bravia Bouncy Balls Video

Today’s joy:

A high resolution Bravia Bouncy Ball Video. Download and play this 78mb video. It will endevour to make you a little happier. Sorry, I don’t have a streaming version of this. I tried but the fine details of the video don’t show well as a Flash video.

Bravia Bouncy Balls Video.avi


If you’re into Bittorrent, here’s a Torrent file of it.


  1. Josh says:

    Thank you! Have been looking all over for a high resolution version of this!!

  2. lee says:

    Yes, I had a hard time finding this in hires. That’s part of the reason I posted it. Glad you enjoy it :-)

  3. Arshad says:

    Thanx Dear for the video

    i searched a lot for better resolution of this video and finally reached here

    God bless you

  4. Sjouwerpower says:

    Lost it and found it again.

    Thank you!

  5. Arlo says:

    YEAAAA!!! Love it!
    Thanks so much!

  6. d.w. says:

    thanks as well.

  7. Jim T. says:

    You are asome!

    -= Thank You =-

    My Kids LOVE this commercial!!! I have been looking for a high-res copy of it so I can playit for my Kids on my 65″ Big Screen.

  8. Jake Dunno says:

    Yo0u are such a stud for doing this. Why they took it off their website is beyond me??? But will you please do the same for the paint ad too? Prettyy please. Thank you.

  9. lee says:

    I’m not as much of a fan of the paint video. So I’ve got to leave it to another enterprising soul to find it.

  10. Gerard says:

    Thank you very much!! It was sooo hard to find it, you’ve made me happy =D

  11. Brandon says:

    Thanks so much for the video. I have no idea why sony took their commercials off the website. I really liked this song and video and at one point i downloaded it, but then lost it. Now it’s found again :)

    have any other sony vids ?

    Detroit, MI

  12. lee says:

    Brandon and Gerard and everyone, thanks for the compliments. I don’t have any more videos. Enjoy the bouncy video :-)

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