Apparently I’ve been stumbled-upon.
They sure like them funnies.

Super-Cache is working fine. Though I’ve gotten a few core dumps today. Figuring out what’s causing that will be a bother….

update 3pm: cores still dumping :-(. Just hit 30,000 views of “Motivational Posters” today. It’s funny how the rest of the site isn’t being visited at all; short attention span theater, eh?

update 9-23-08 10am: I upped the Super Cache settings to Garbage Collection every 5,000 requests, set a few pages to be Directly Cached files (Motivational Posters, The Amazing Power of Makeup, homepage). And there hasn’t been a core since last night. 41,000 hits to Motivational Posters so far today, 2,500 to The Amazing Power of Makeup.

update 9-24-08 2pm: I normally use about 1 gigabyte of web traffic per day. This Stumble-upon has brought that to 150 gigabytes/day and 150 thousand page requests/day for the last 2 days. Dreamhost allows me 7 terabytes/month so I should be fine for bandwidth. My Apache Analog stats says that I’ve had only a couple hundred failed file serves out of the approximately 6 million file requests in the last couple days, which is shows Dreamhost is handling the traffic fine.

Since upping the Super Cache Settings, I’ve gotten just 1 core dump at 23:59 last night. I’m guessing that garbage collection and bad luck conspire to cause a core dump every now and then.


  1. KICKASSKC says:

    haha guess im the 1st person to check out the site after the funnies
    go me!!
    this site is kinda boring tho man, add some color and some naked chicks, then some ppl will look at it.

    that’s it, we’re fucked

  2. Time Tracker says:

    Just landed on the Demotivational Posters, and as always, if I like the Stumble, I’ll normally check out the rest of the site. Content looks great…looking forward to reading some more articles!

  3. […] I installed the No Adverts for Friends plugin. It is specifically compatible with the WP Super Cache plugin which has worked very well. […]

  4. Sital Thomas says:

    Getting stumbled itself shows the dignity and importance in the web world. As over the period of time Stumble Upon has gained a good rapport and created a history in the web world.

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