College aid for illegals in jeopardy

In the September 16th SF Chronicle, Charlotte and I read with horror…

The headline in the paper paper was “College aid for illegals in jeopardy”. Online, it’s “Undocumented students’ college aid in jeopardy“. Apparently, the e-paper world likes “undocumented” better than “illegal”.

A state appellate court has put a financial cloud over the future of tens of thousands of undocumented California college students, saying a state law that grants them the same heavily subsidized tuition rate that is given to resident students is in conflict with federal law.

In a ruling reached Monday, the state Court of Appeal reversed a lower court’s decision that there were no substantial legal issues and sent the case back to the Yolo County Superior Court for trial.

“It has a huge impact,” said Kris Kobach, an attorney for the plaintiffs and a law professor at the University Missouri at Kansas City. “This is going to bring a halt to the law that has been giving in-state tuition to illegal immigrants.”

He said it is a big win for California taxpayers who have been subsidizing education for undocumented immigrants.

The suit was filed in 2005 by out-of-state students attending California colleges. They challenged the state’s practice of allowing illegal immigrants to pay significantly lower tuition than they pay at the University of California, the California State University and the California Community Colleges.  


In a related issue, September 17th cover story reads “Adult offenders shielded by SF” (read more here:  S.F.’s sanctuary city story so far)

Ok, the short form, if you’re an illegal immigrant and comit a felony in San Francisco, don’t sweat it. Just tell them you’re under 21 and you’ll get in under the “no undocumented juvenile left behind” program. San Francisco knows how hard it is to be a drug dealer on The Streets of San Francisco. They give you training with some of the finest juvenile drug offenders in the state in a no-pressure, no-security setting. And give you time to plan your next scam.

Mayor Newsome is trying to change this but we want no part in his right-wing plan!

Charlotte and I were walking down the street the other day and saw a sign painted on the sidewalk “Sanctuary City only for the rich”. Um, yeah. Whatever. You illegal juvenile felons don’t know how good you have it here.

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