What the Fck is this “Disemvoweling” Trend?

Apparently when the editor on BoingBoing doesn’t like your post, instead of doing something reasonable like discuss or refute it, it gets “disemvoweled“.

This is the most insulting thing I’ve seen in ages. It’s akin to the moderator of a discussion putting a dunce cap on your head and then saying with a straight face and a titter, “continue, we’re all listening.”

This happened to Travis. Teresa Nielsen Hayden, an editor at BoingBoing stripped his comment (#1) humorously critical of Hillary Clinton of vowels while the very next comment with almost the same wording critical of George W Bush was not stripped.

Cn w gt pctr f Hllry Clntn’s cmpncts smrk whn sh ws ccsd f th xct sm fdrl crm n th TrvlGt scndl ?

    (de-disemvowelled: Can we get a picture of Hillary Clinton’s compunctious smirk when she was accused of the exact same federal crime in the TravelGate scandal?)  

Seen the same smirk on Dubya as well. Must be endemic to this administration…

In browsing the site, I see that this apparently happens a lot. Mostly because they “just didn’t like the tone of their voice” 1, 2, 3

Their moderation policy says pretty much, “Don’t like our censorship policy? Get your own website.” The exact quote is

Q. I can’t believe that Boing Boing, of all places, would be using censorship. What happened to freedom of speech?

A. Boing Boing is steadfast in its support of your freedom of speech. We believe that you, O Reader, should be able to have (or refuse to have) anything you want on your own website, as long as it doesn’t deprive others of their rights. Yay, freedom of speech!

By that same token, freedom of speech also means that the people who write and edit Boing Boing have the right to have (or refuse to have) anything they want on their own website. If one of the things they don’t want is a comment that you have posted, they aren’t depriving you of your freedom of speech. You’re free to put that comment up on your own webpage.


Fuck you, BoingBoing. If you claim intelligence but can’t take the heat have a reasonable discussion, you don’t deserve to be spoken to.

I right now vow to not click on or look at any ads on BoingBoing for 1 year.

No, wait…

I just removed BoingBoing from my RSS reader.


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  2. Mal says:

    Had to dump 2Bng from my RSS reader a couple of years ago for similar reasons, Lee.
    It just wasn’t worth wading through all that lofty self-righteousness just to read a “Wonderful Thing” post from somebody.
    Tsk; “Cet Nlsn Hydn est tres mechant; quand on l’attaque, il se defend”.
    A once-interesting woman, desperate to maintain an appearance of cleverness, tightens her shawl about her shoulders and throws a glass of water out the door at her perceived attackers.

  3. bbamn says:

    I called out some 9/11 conspiracy types and had some of my comments disemvoweled as well. In addition to that, while the 9/11 troofers pretty much had the run of the place, i was asked by tnh to back up my “claims” if I wanted a good reputation around there.

    What a joke, the best part is that they sincerely think they are being reasonable and everyone else is unreasonable.

  4. lee says:

    Followup: Teresa Nielsen Hayden made a hypocritical drive-by comment on Travis’ blog, showing that she was paying attention when she acted. I hope this hypocritical comment convinces you that Teresa’s opinions aren’t worth your further interest.

    Remember kids, trolls like Teresa crave attention. The only good way to put them down is to not pay any attention to them.

  5. Matthew says:

    I created a new account (SikofRNC) on Boing Boing and posted this entire conversation regarding “disemvoweling” after having been censored with a username of “Nucular Conservative” responding to the attacks on Palin over her pronunciation of the word nuclear. I had aske where the references to Biden trying to get the invalid to stand up in their wheelchairs and the 57 states that Obama references. Shortly after the postings they were pulled down.

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