The Most Exciting Baby Shower This Year

Make sure to read the bottom part too!

Hallie’s Baby Shower
Celebrant: Hallie McConlogue
Baby: Pumpkin unit 1
Event Date: 2008-08-16Trailer Trash /punk/hippy themed baby shower at the encounter Studio. Come as you are or in theme.

Time:2pm – 6pm
Where:The Encounter Studio
555 De Haro St Suite 120
San Francisco, CA 94107

Look for the 2 stone griffins around the ivy hidden outter door in the back of the parking lot.

Call hallie for directions if you need em:

408 956-xxxx

Item Description Wants Has Needs  
An evening of babysitting. We can take as many of these as people want to give … warning we will hold you to it and Train folks as necessary.   So add a couple of hours for learning if you have no baby experience.   YOU ROCK! by the way… :D 100 0 100 Give Gift
An afternoon play date with baby so mom/dad can take a nap. I’d love to hang out as much as possible with other parents.   I love social situations!   I love to learn from others! 20 0 20 Give Gift
A second-hand playpen Extra points if it folds up small! I want baby to crawl around free as possible but not stumble into the wood shop or the power tools. 1 0 1 Give Gift
Pink Tool belt For holding baby tools with style (binkies, bottles and rattles Corey wants one too!)      

Here’s a link:

2 0 2 Give Gift
A savings bond or a contribution toward a 529 college plan. No amount is too small!      

2$- whatever

This would be my favorite gift!

200 0 200 Give Gift
baby pink tool belt for our little pumpkin to wear and be like mommy and daddy.

1 0 1 Give Gift
bored baby cure 1 0 1 Give Gift
4 hours Help building the baby loft Mostly we need unskilled labor that can take wierd direction and not freak out about Hallie’s weird labor consuming ideas about how to sound proof stuff and decorate. 5 0 5 Give Gift
black moby wraps 2 0 2 Give Gift
goth, robot, punk or hippy onesies size 3-6 months 5 0 5 Give Gift
baby sling Baby Sling : 1 0 1 Give Gift
goth, punk robot or hippy onesies Size 3-9 months 7 0 7 Give Gift
Punk, Robot, Goth, Hippy Onesies size 0-3 months 4 0 4 Give Gift
help building a rocking sleeping feeding chair This would be something I can sleep in comfortably while I’m feeding pumpkin.   That means I want to build it custom for my neck problem.   And add a motor to keep it going.   It will be half rocking chair half hammock… with a motor and a perfect place for pumpkin at the boob. 1 0 1 Give Gift
swadling blankets The custom easy wrap kind      

Anything not pastel or taupe

2 0 2 Give Gift


And from Corey…

There there I was, waxing up the wife, like a surfboard, with gallons of vitamin E oil, making her belly shine like a pink bowling ball.   Every once in a while, our baby would kick.   It felt like he was rubbing back (more likely, he was fighting for space because I was caving in his roof, but I digress.)   The more I rubbed, the more I started to recognize shapes.   We know where the head is, it’s the BIG round thingy… but I swear, this long thing, just below and to the left of Hallie’s belly button, felt like an arm.   And over where Hallie’s belly was churning like a pot of pasta, over near Hallie’s right kidney, that must be his feet!   And with vision granted by the tears in my eyes, I caught my first glimpse of my baby.   There he was, all curled up in the fetal position (imagine that!) as clear as day!

And this salt crusted face that was already beaming is now lit with a florescent glow I write you this invite.

Hey all, it’s me, Mr. Last minute.   Sorry for the lag, but I’ve always been a busy bee, and now I’m a busy bee for three.

We’re having a baby!   As you all know.   So we’re having a baby shower, and it’s next weekend, and yer all invited.   And we have a registry!   And it’s, as always, optional, since, as usual, its too late to get anything in time.

But come, if you can.

The theme is “Robo-Trash”… Think white trash…think engineers…think Burningman during construction of AWESOME kinetic art (that can kill you) under the hot desert sun! Think Robogames with less nuts and bolts and more duct tape.. (key work, MORE!)

Meanwhile, all you robots nerds, wanna help me build my new Push Powered Robo Stroller? :-D   And you expecting or unexpecting (those who are no longer expecting?) robot nerds, if you help me build mine, I’ll help you build YOOOOOOOOOOURS!   (PS, there’s more of you than you think, we should start a club!)

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