Ken Brown Artwork Memories

Myken-brown.jpg favorite t-shirt is one that I purchased about 15 years ago in Boston. People often ask me about it. They are simply memorized by it! I likely purchased it at a Tufts University on-campus sale. I’ve been meaning for years to try and find more by the same artist, Ken Brown.

I tracked him down via the Mirror Image website. Rick Roth at that site forwarded my message on to Ken and he wrote me back.

He wrote

Rick forwarded this little time capsule today and it gave me a chuckle. I wish I could help you out with a shirt selection, but I’ve been out of the biz for many years. I do miss it though and may yet reconsider. Meanwhile, check out (the ken Brown section at the top o the noggin’) for recent rantings. )

I took a look and… wow, that art brings back memories and gives me a great smile. I’m pretty sure I recognize a few and I -definitely- recognize the style. It reminds me of a card and “stuff” store that was on Mass Ave near Gypsy Moon. Apparently, he’s the guy they bought all their cards from!

Take a look at Ken Brown’s comical commodities!

nice-shoes.jpg the-tuber-family.jpgscrambled-sunny-side.jpgmickey-mao.jpg


  1. Monica says:

    I have a Ken Brown shirt that I bought at a thrift store… it’s falling apart but it’s my favorite shirt i own. i wish i had more like it.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I also have a favorite Ken Brown t-shirt purchased in Seattle lo these many years ago…. I woiuld love to get another one! I’d love to post a pic to you but it doesn’t seem to be working!

  3. lee says:

    Hey Suzanne, you can email me the photo and i’ll post it on my blog if you like. It’d be cool to see another of his shirts!

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