Fix Price Move: Cautiously Recommended

I helped a friend ship a house of boxes from San Francisco to Boston. They used Fix Price Move.

Here’s what my friend said who was taking delivery:

Fixed Price arrived today.   After several maddening delays and an additional $600.00 (plus the $923 already due) they delivered.   They have been a pain in the ass from the get go.   Interestingly, the truck broke down in TX and the truck it was transferred to broke down after unloading in front of my house.   Every thing seems to have survived the journey…

When Fixed Price arrived they had 3 boxes from somebody else’s load mixed into ours.   The boxes were filled with old canned food and ugly flower pots and before I could tell that they were not ours I had some colorful words for you about sending us … out of date canned food.   So far all’s well though.

$1.30lb delivered coast to coast. A bit of a PITA. At least everything didn’t disappear and get sold on eBay.

And all things being even, that’s about as good a moving experience as I’ve seen at a very good price. Specifically, it was a 2 bedroom house. I had packed up everything in boxes except 4 or 5 large pieces that they wrapped and hauled, 1,100 pounds total.

Update: Be sure to see the comment from Ben of Fix Price Move below. Be sure to read for yourself but I’d say they’re a reasonably good choice for a moving company.


  1. Dee says:

    Firstly I must say that dealing with Donna was a dream come true. She was helpful and friendly. I chose to go with Fix Price Move because I got a good feel about the company after talking with her. Unfortunately, it was after that that the problems started. I was promised a morning move, but received a call to confirm the evening before, only to be told that they would be there in the afternoon. When I stated that I had been told the job would be in the morning, the person I spoke to said he would have to check on something and would call me back. He did, and the move was to be in the morning. While the movers (3 of them) were very good at wrapping the furniture in moving blankets to protect the furniture, the amount of tape they went through was unreal. They used at least three time the amount necessary. As they were done with each roll, it was literally thrown on the floor and they proceeded to another roll. I stopped counting how many tape rolls were scattered all throughout the house. Once they got to the new place (and we had to store much of our furniture in the garage as we were down-sizing), they certainly did not exercise the same type of care with the furniture. A brand new dining room table has gashes in it, for one. Secondly, while you are never told up front, getting rid of the garbage, tape, bubble wrap and whatever other materials they used, was the responsibility of the people being moved. They even went so far as to hide a very large amount of the garbage in a back corner of the garage, underneath the stored furniture so that it was not visible. We only found it because some of what needed to come upstairs was actually put in the garage. Much of the furniture was put in the garage without any thought of how the furniture was stored. And then to add insult to injury, not only was my credit card charged once, but a second charge was run through for an identical amount. In other words, I was double charged. Needless to say, I was angered beyond belief. I called and left a voicemail message, I sent an email, and I faxed the company. Only the fax was FINALLY responded to. I demanded that my account be credited immediately. After several calls, and the promise that a credit would be put through by 2:30 with a call to confirm, I had to call at 3:30 to find out the status of my request. When Donna finally arrived, she was the one to follow through.
    All I can say is that the movers use a minimum of three times and probably more like four times the amount of materials necessary, and of course you are charged for this. Also, you are quoted a “not to exceed” price based on how long the supervising mover thinks it will take to complete the move. If you do use them, refuse to sign the forms and pay them until they have completed the move in its entirety. And then keep a keen eye on the charges if you use a credit care to ensure that they do not double charge you. Other than all of the above, the rest of the move went smoothly.

  2. Steve says:

    My experience with Fix Price Move was great. My agent was Donna too and she was very polite and responsive. The mover were polite and professional, I don’t have nothing but good things to say about Fix Price moving. The delivery turnaround time worked less than the promise given to be by Donna and dispatch. I am very thankful for the extra ordinary service i received for a fair price.

  3. Frank says:

    Hmmm, I guess I am lucky, they moved me from Castro valley, Ca to Vermont and they did a pretty good job. came on time, pack and wrapped my staff until it became unrecognizable and delivered with in the time frame promised. i had one dinning room chair broken, my artificial plant smashed in, my lamp is kinda wobbling. i already filled a claim and they are evaluating my loss. over all, my experience with this company was great and will recommend them to family and friends.

  4. R. Springer says:

    After shopping around and checking rating and standings with BBB and internet review sites, I gave fix price move a chance for my move to Florida. My rep was very attentive, courteous and on top of things. The movers were amazingly fast and strong and careful with my belongings. The delivery turn around was with in the promised time frame. My furniture is still in storage in Florida, didn’t have time to properly inspect it, but from what i seen so far(while the guys were unloading),everything looks ok.

  5. ludwigsmom says:

    Donna is the ONLY reason keeping them in business!

    In a nutshell – DO NOT USE. I just settled a claim for a fraction of the total damages 9 months after my move. Terrible communication, felt taken advantage of, furniture left unassembled, scratches on a newly refinished floor, took advantage of my mother who signed for me and it took WAY too long to settle. I have over 40 pictures of damages. It made me sick to settle, but they successfully wore me down on working through it.

    I’ve moved 8 other times with moving companies – always through a major carrier through my work. This one was on my own and I was looking to save money. None of my previous experiences came close to this one. I wish I’d just paid more.

    The booking and pick-up phase were great – do not let that fool you. Please, please. My only relief is to know I can prevent others from this.

  6. San Jose Sam says:

    PUBLIC FRAUD ALERT: Fix Price Move uses Dishonest Business Practices

    I’ve heard all the horror stories about moving companies charging more than the original estimate. For this reason, my wife and I hired Fix Price Move in hopes of avoiding this type of problem. Unfortunately, we got ripped off anyways.

    At the time, we were told by the sales rep there was no way the bill would be much more than the estimate unless the weight of our belongings was over a certain amount. We were given an estimate of $1,200 for our move, and the final bill was $3,300.

    We were in for a rude (and costly) surprise.

    Here’s how they rip you off:

    1) The moving estimate does not include the cost of padding all your big items like mattress, tables, etc. I’ve never heard of this in my life. They charged us $800 to pad our stuff.

    2) The moving estimate does not include the cost of packing tape for the padding mentioned above. This will cost you dearly. They charged us $200 for 20 rolls of cheap tape. A roll of tape usually costs a couple bucks at Home Depot.

    3) It will cost you extra for them to move items like an Armoire. (Why wasn’t that part of the estimate? We spent like 45 minutes with the Sales Rep detailing every item we had)

    4) These guys base their moving estimate on weight. Unknown to us, our weight supposedly was over estimate, so they charged us an extra $350.

    5) I helped them all day to move boxes in hope of holding costs down. I shudder to think what they would have charged us if I had not helped.

    We’re angry as hell that Fix Price Move was not upfront about these extra charges, even though we asked them point blank if there was any possible extra fees, and they lied to us so we would hire them. Once we had hired them, they took advantage of us.

    We hired Fix Price Move of San Jose, and we got ripped off. Buyer Beware.

    PS: We’ve written negative reviews on various websites only to have them disappear after a while. We suspect that the company gets negative reviews removed, presenting a false positive impression to the public.

  7. lee says:

    Sam, first, be assured that I won’t remove your review.

    It might be helpful for everyone if you could qualify your review a bit.

    * Can you tell us what you had moved and how far it was moved? Maybe “a 2 bedroom house from CA to IL”.
    * Had you boxed up your possessions before they arrived?
    * About how many large items like couches did they wrap up and move?
    * Take a good guess as to how many pounds of stuff you had them ship. Tell us if you weighed any of your boxes to get your estimate. What was the final cost per pound?
    * What is the phone number of the company you hired?

  8. Ben says:

    Hi my name is Ben and I am with Fix Price Move, i would like to address the above complaints about our company.

    Here is my response to ludwigsmom’s complaint.

    when we did her move, she chose our free valuation coverage option, which is 0.60cent per pound per article and once the delivery was completed and she filled a claim, we offered her to compensate her according to the valuation option that she selected. she was not happy about that and us not assembling back a hummock that requires a special tool to do so. we provide basic dis assembly and reassembly service, but we are not handy men and don’t have all the tools for especial and unusual items. To make long story short, we compensated this customer $500.00 to the alleged damages and inconveniences that she claimed, If we were to stick to our contract she would have only got less than $100.00, I personally took an extra effort to handle this situation but i guess you can’t never make some people happy, but at least we tried.

    To the second complaint, to the person that goes by Jason, Sam, Steve and copy and pasted all this review’s in to numerous sites, honestly i don’t know who you are and spent about half hour trying to match our record with your complaint and there is no customer in our database that matches to that complaint, which led me to believe it is probably one of competitor that is jealous of our continuous success and is slandering our name.I don’t mind getting a complaint because I know I am in a very demanding business that deals with frustrated customers and you can’t make everyone happy, but I assure you that we try our best to make all our customers happy. we average 120-150 moves a month, and we get 60% of our business from referrals, word of mouth and repeated customers and sadly our happy customers don’t take the time to share their experience with others. only those that aren’t happy will go and write bad reviews about us.

    I am not saying we are perfect, we have been a business for over five years now and we have a happy customer base, a good rating with BBB and no lawsuits, fines and judgments against us. We strive to make our customers happy and we try to take care of problems to the best of our ability when arises. Tip to future customers

    1. We offer a valuation coverage of 0.60cent per pound per article(if you want a full coverage option you have to buy it at least two days prior to your scheduled move date)

    2. Packing materials and packing service is not included on the quote and will be additional charge if needed or required.

    3. Final price will be determined on the exact weight of your items(which we will provide you a weight certificate)plus any additional services performed. If you are moving locally your final price would be based on the actual amount of hours the move took.

    If anyone has a question or concern about our company or services, feel free to call us at 1-866-998-7085.
    Thank you

  9. Shawn Morrison says:

    Hats off to Fix Price Move because they really did a great job moving my items from california to denver last month. I have 0 complaints. What is also very respectable is the fact that an actual Fix Price employee took the time out to respond to consumers. Name one other company that would do such a thing? For those 2 reasons, thanks Ben and Fix Price Move and keep up the good work-you guys are the last honest moving company.

  10. Chuck says:

    After moving numerous times while in the Marines for 20 years, we’re not new to moving. This company is 100% crooked and corrupt. They estimated it would take 7 hours and it took more than 12 hours if you include them taking 3 hours to eat dinner and drive 12 miles from our old house to our new house. They called me the morning they were already supposed to be at my house to move and asked if they could postpone the move because their truck had broke down. Then although I paid for 3 movers, they supplied 2 and hired a “day-worker” (their site advertises NO DAY-WORKERS) because one of their regular employees didn’t go to work or even call-in apparently and the “day-worker” had no idea what he was doing and this super extended the moving time. The BBB is currently attempting to resolve the whole mess but I doubt it will be able to since the Foremen and movers first response were complete lies. They only wrapped and load heavy furniture such as the refrigerator, washer/dryer, LR suite, bedroom furniture, and NOT one box since we packed, loaded and moved everything else ourselves. They estimated it would not cost us more than $883.00 and it cost over $2200.00. We realize it’s only only an estimate but geesh, it should be closer than being almost 3 times the cost. Take heed >>> and look at another Moving Company.

  11. Eric Faltz says:

    This company was very good. I have moved several times and had some bad movers before. These people explainedwhat the cost could be if i did my part…box everything and you will be in good total bill was 1800.00 and was estimated at 1700.00 if i packed everything …which i did…so do ur part to limit packing cost.. I will recimmend ben and donna…thanks.

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