SWARM Rocks Coachella

I got back from Coachella Monday morning. The weekend was tremendous fun.


Kraftwerk – I’ve heard bits of their music for years but their super-low-key on-stage performance was enthralling.


Prince – He’s an incredibly talented guitarist, an incredible singer, terrific on the piano, an incredible showman and choreographer, a fantastic songwriter, and incredibly expressive and sexy on the largest stage. He even transposes cover songs to be his own phenomenally. (and I’ve had a crush on Sheila E since like 1988)


brett-dennenBrett Dennen – If she is on my top 3, I obviously don’t belong at Coachella but a folk festival. She should headline one.

Walking around with an orb following me – Marcus drove the orb while I interacted with people interacting with the orb. This one lady kept asking how they worked and I strung her along until she demanded “I am an Electrical Engineer. Tell me how it knows where it’s going!” She was crushed when I told her it was remote controlled though I tried to console her with our plans of full autonomy. I also thoroughly enjoyed driving the orb while Marcus played with people.

sergeSerge Tankian’s performance was fun if inaudibly loud, standing about 5 rows back with Marcus.

Fatboy Slim is such a presenter, I loved the first several minutes of the show. Then he turned the bass to 11 and I couldn’t bear staying in my spot 250 yards from the stage :-(


Roger Waters – The music sounded too similar to how it did 20 years ago, I’m not a fan of stagnancy or living on your laurels. And I have to admit Floyd reminds me of some difficult times in my life. His new song “Leaving Beirut” was…. it wasn’t a song but a 4 page high-school essay on what he did on his summer vacation. And he read it as such. Apparently, Pink Floyd’s members make better music together than apart.

Roger Waters at amateur night




Here’s SWARM running around during Kraftwerk :-)







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