I don’t like WordPress 2.5 Image Upload

The new WordPress 2.5.0 image upload system has several issues. I likely won’t upgrade to 2.5 until they are fixed. I like using Flexible Upload with WP 2.3 better because it…

  • is faster, no need to open up a modal window to go looking for images
  • fits on one screen, to get to the the button for saving the image in WordPress 2.5, you have to pick up the mouse and scroll down
  • is more flexible, you can specify the size of the thumbnail on the fly
  • defaults can be changed, unlike WP 2.5.

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  1. […] and 1 drag to insert an image, in 2.5 and 2.6, you’ve got to jump through several hoops. See here and here. And there is no word on whether Flexible Upload will be getting an update. If I were him, […]

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